Keywords in a summary that make you read or run?


How soon can I arrange my baptism?


Read: Stories of freelancing boobs who take odd jobs to support themselves.

Run: Boob enslavement fics.


Tell you what, run and grab a box of Franzia and we’ll get cracking


:joy: I would gladly free mine if I could


I may be back in a minute guys. I got to go pick up my vitamins because I’m an old lady.


I mean stories like that have so much room for development

they were some lady’s boobs, now they’re their own boobs


Flinstones vitamins?


Lol I think the words that make me run is similar to a lot of you already: Romance, love, werewolf, mate, anime, boyxboy, girlxgirl.

Basically anything else that doesn’t have these and have a somewhat catchy summary I’ll read


dang, best avoid mine like the plague. Mine is an anime. Just ain’t been adapted yet :stuck_out_tongue:


I tried to read this whole thread, but the best I got was to not write about BTK (k, got it, though I do write about creepy serial killers) and some guy named Jeff. Who is Jeff??? My dad’s name is Jeff. :frowning: I will try not to write about him.


Would this first part of my description for Kassidy make any of you run? He starts at 17, it ends when he is 19, but the duology ends when he is 22

Kassidy Morgan is the infamous Kas Morgan, a 17-year-old with a nasty reputation and a chip on his shoulder.

Kas Morgan is the toughest member of his gang, the Crows, even earning the nickname Reaper for his many nefarious deeds…

There is no job too great or small for Kas, as long as it provides for the Crows and him, he’s more than happy to do it.

But Kas is haunted by memories of his childhood, and with a taste for revenge, he won’t let the city of Karraway hide its secrets and hidden truths.


Jk I will still talk. I have to walk to the pharmacy, it’s pick black because our street lights are dead and I’m scared of the dark.


I also realize, yes, lots of ellipses, I gotta work on that, I can go overboard easily


Nah, but you can chip off the second sentence and be fine.

Also, “secrets and hidden truths” is redundant, they’re both the same thing ain’t they?


I will virtually accompany you to said pharmacy. Here, I brought a can of Raid.




Some are hidden by lies, others are just…hidden, hence the secrets? I dunno :woman_shrugging::joy:


No problem, figured you could use something to drink.


A hidden truth is a secret! A secret is a hidden truth!


I gotta revise it some day