Keywords in a summary that make you read or run?


Same thing as I just said :joy:


I just try to do what I see with published books, they give a description on the back or inide


I agree :100:


But literally, I have nobody who just talks to me about anything I am interested in, so when I start, it can be hard to stop or it just pours out of me all at once


Well, the philosophy is the same for blurbs, but blurbs are a little easier. What you started out with would have to be shrunk incredibly tiny to fit on the back of a book.

The more you can tell somebody what to expect from your novel, in the least amount of words, is probably the best bet.


I totally get that. We love what we’ve created and want to talk about it to anyone who will listen but that’s a bit like… if you shove it down their throats, it doesn’t make them like it.

Try not to give too much info to someone who is not interested because then it feels like you’re just annoying people by telling them more than they want to know.

When people ask what my book is about, I don’t give them the blurb. I say, “a girl saving kids who were kidnapped and sold into slavery.” Maybe try to find a way you can summarize it in one sentence.


Yeah, I also feel like I annoy people a lot, I always ask my friends how they put up with me, and even they have no clue


Umm like I’m gonna give this a pitch thing a try.

Mara struggles to find love with her out-of-control electric powers—it doesn’t help when she’s framed for the grisly attacks at school.


Yes! I like it!


Bam. You got it.


My brother still does this to me. I ask him one question about guns and he never shuts up. Once I realize he’s not going to stop, I stop listening.


Ok, I’m gonna go to my corner and try to keep in mind not to bombard people (it really is hard when you have nobody who will listen to you)


Nobody here is trying to dig at you, we’re all here to support one another and help each other become better writers. What you’re selling is only as important as how you sell it.


Ok cool.


My brother gives me a taste of my own medicine if I mention Pokemon (I can’t talk about my writing with him as he is 6 years younger and not yet old enough to discuss the stuff that happens in my stories, other than that, he loves listening to me because I listen to him)


Your mom is cool

ah, crap that doesn’t work


You have lots of books, some with more reads than my tumor of a book. Surely some of your audience will engage with you and if not, you can self-advertise on those advertising threads.


I know, I never said anyone was digging at me, but I just don’t want to annoy anyone more than I have (if I have, if I haven’t then I very well may very soon)


It’s not a tumor


Nobody engages with me, I try to engage with them, but none respond :worried: I have tried everything and even tried nothing