Keywords in a summary that make you read or run?


You can talk about your book. Just be tactful about how you do it.

Like, if I say to someone, “a girl saving kids who were kidnapped and sold into slavery.”

They might say, “tell me more.” You can give little bits until they’re fully engaged.


The ones with tons of reads need a lot of work and I am not ready to advertise them, but I also don’t wanna take them down while I prep them


It’s actually very frustrating and at times discouraging


Is everything okay in here, or did I waltz in at a bad time?


Uh I’ll keep that in mind :joy:


It’s all good! Welcome!


Please, give us your read and run.


Better than like, breakdancing in here I guess.


Bill, Bill, Bill!


I turn away from any fanfic about any subject I like.
Not really against anything else.


Wait. Crap. I didn’t realize this is in the Fantasy thread 0.0


We got boob enslavement fics here.


Too many comments to scroll through but werewolves are popular in the same sense that 1D fanfic and other romance stereotypes are beaten to death here but still popular - they attract a audience that is just looking for something nice and simple and at that point “anyone” could write that steamy, sexy, “I’m married to my mate” werewolf novel

As someone who started writing by roleplaying a werewolf character I just feel ashamed at myself, like I always wanted to do my character justice but I feel like I can’t give him a full novel because it’ll just be like that one serious novel drowned out by a million romance-werewolf blends.


someone say boob enslavement


What is 1D? The younger brother of 2D from gorillaz?

And you didnt miss anything in those other comments, just Danny DeVito cringe and boob fics.


and I quote:

@AndrogynousOne One Direction


I was so wrong.


I forgot One Direction existed.


Yeah, I didn’t think they were still around, let alone popular.


I’m so glad they’re not relevant in my circle anymore

but they’re literally everywhere on wattpad