Keywords in a summary that make you read or run?


Y’know what is relevant? BTS. Can’t stand it.
Waiting for it to die out.


I don’t mind, I think there’s some issues in general with hardcore fans obsessing with their idols but I think BTS is like a good example of popular figures using their fame to bring attention to things - they spoke in the UN and all


Of course. This is why women are evil.

What really turns me off in the fantasy genre is the overblown Greek Mythology retellings without proper knowledge of the mythology itself. Like why? Why would you do that to my gay little Greek heart!


Percy Jackson my friend

i can’t get used to how talking in this forum feels like I’m texting because edits are real time


I think we talked about bts earlier in this thread and what the acronym means.


Are we talking about the band?


Um, I am. I dont know if you are.


Me two


Black Tea Sweetened.


@AndrogynousOne I appreciate that one Gorillaz reference


Run: High school…(run for the hills)


Hold up.
“BTS, also known as Bangtan Boys, is an acronym for the Korean expression Bangtan Sonyeondan, meaning Bulletproof Boy Scouts.”
none of those shorten to BTS


Yes. I blame that boiling hot garbage for this mess.


It’s happening to Norse mythology too.


Meh I guess it’s how when people start off writing it’s easier to base it off something (I did fanfics too) but it doesn’t stop hurting my soul seeing some of those things


Probably. But like I don’t know enough of it to have an opinion.


Oh Rick Riordan is writing Norse Myths now


Not the only one! Mine aren’t those weird/over the top mate ones. (Yes, the one deals with a mate, but it isn’t like the other ones, my character had seen his family with their mates live happily, but he doesn’t like the idea that he found her because then he feels he will be pressured to be with her, the idea of a mate makes him nervous actually) (here I started to go on, but I remembered what y’all said and cut it out)

But the other ones don’t really have mates, or, not predestined ones, they pick and choose, break up and move on, not like the end of the world



Hold up, Kass is a werewolf now?