Keywords in a summary that make you read or run?


When I was writing the novel a few years ago I literally wrote a disclaimer saying “this isn’t romance” because I felt so bad about the werewolf scene, like sure ofc there’s other novels there that are more serious but how many “my mates” do I have to skim through before I find those?

X’s Mate

I am X’s Mate

Bound to X

The Alpha’s Wife

okkkk I’m backing off

everyone has things they like to read/write but I feel like it’s so saturated I get super salty


No, different story :joy: but he can use magic (but it is restricted to the type)


Little known history fact: jesus was a werewolf.


Writing prompt spotted


Same, I read one, now I can’t read another, it’s all Wattpad ever suggests me is the stuff about revenge for rejection or how the female was abused for x amount of years then escaped and ran off to become more powerful and her mate suddenly wants her despite abusing her horrifically like the rest of the pack, my upcoming wolf trilogy, some backs kill there unwanted members or exile them, but in some they cherish them because in real wolf packs? Uh-uh, Omega doesn’t just become Alpha like that, they could get killed, Omega’s are actually important in real wolf packs


Jesus’ Mate.


So…my cat just yawned, then she started winking at me…:face_with_raised_eyebrow:


and go


The suffering never ends.


Run: Romance (pretty much anything that reeks of romance), Love, High School, Abuse, Bad Boy Billionaire Alpha thingy, Teen/Teens-Save-The-World, Trapped-In-An-MMORPG, Harem, Reincarnated-In-Another-World

Read: Science Fantasy, Dark Fantasy, Power Fantasy, Zombies, Monsters, Demons, Steampunk, Magic, Robots, Aliens, Adventure, Action, Epic Battles


What about a dark fantasy-action-adventure set in an abusive highschool where a teenage-badboy-billionaire-alpha finds finds himself trapped in a harem that consists of a zombie, a monster, and a magic steampunk robot. To end the suffering, he decides to enter a MMORPG but get’s trapped fighting aliens and saving the world. After some epic battles, he realizes the harem is where he really belongs, so he goes on an adventure to get back, and uses science to escape but ultimately re-incarnates in another reality?

I don’t know what I’m talking about.


would totally read


As long as the focus isn’t on a mushy thing called “romance” I’d give it a go.


Read: mystery, fantasy, ghosts, historical, suspense, witches, supernatural
Run: vampire, werewolf, romance

Idk man I’ve read too many weird/bad werewolf/vampire stuff, even stuff not on Wattpad (I went through a phase as a teenager) and then romance books are fun if I’m in the mood but the worst book I’ve ever read was a romance book and they can be hard to get into for me if there’s no other plot


Yeah I think that’s the other reason I don’t like them is how saturated werewolf and vampire stories are, there’s just so many. And for some reason they almost always involve abusive relationships that are supposed to be romantic?? Like why can’t I find a werewolf story with mates (ugh) who respect each other and have a healthy relationship yk?


Run: romance, vampires, teen, love, religion
Read: gore, violence, action, fantasy, witch, spirits, demons, self-discovery, serial killers, monsters, ghost, hunters, true stories, and every now and then a sad book.
Don’t get me wrong I love a little romance every now and then, but I don’t believe in the crap of love in first sight or immediately sacrificing yourself for someone you just met 3 days ago.


Ugh, Marvel loves to do that.


Marvel? When?


Oddly enough, before Wattpad underwent this community change, I had a conversation with someone about how unhealthy relationships are much more likely to be the norm.

Most people get themselves into abusive relationships (speaking as someone who did) and though it might not be what we want to read about, it is much more realistic scenario than a healthy one.