Keywords in a summary that make you read or run?


Ooo didn’t watch that one. Wouldn’t know.

Not too crazy about Marvel


And then everyone reads or writes it because they think it’s justified by being a werewolf story :sweat:


It seems like romance, love and werewolf is what most people on the thread run from.


Uh, because they’re werewolves maybe? I mean, they don’t make good horror monsters if they get along civilly. What’s next, a chivalrous man-eating shark that will eat neither woman nor child? :smirk:


I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to be inconsiderate. It’s not so much that I don’t think abusive relationships are the norm or that they aren’t realistic (especially after watching my parents), but that I feel in the werewolf/vampire genre a lot of stories uphold these abusive relationships as true love or paint them as desirable and good relationships. It’s not that I don’t want to ever read about an abusive relationship, I just don’t like that the genre (in general) makes the abusive relationships seem okay and even desirable.


The abuse thing does need to go though, there’s a difference between a harsh reality, and being abusive for shock value. I read one book where the main character was nearly whipped to death, solely because she was hard headed. Everyone hated her mate for it and i was like, huuuuh because the author had set up a very harsh and rule restrictive background. The beating in that scene made since.

Then i read half a book (because i couldn’t stand it any longer) Where litterally the Female MC was whipped, raped, and starved for shock value and some how still loved her mate simply because he was her mate, i’m sorry i’m not going for that one.


There’s a lot stuff on this site written by teens (and some adults) who don’t know what an ideal relationship is.


Werewolves are still people? Just because you can turn into a wolf or whatever doesn’t mean you are a monster by default :woman_shrugging:


Whipped? What sort of pansy werewolf uses a whip? Back in my were-day, when your mate (or another other member of the pack) gets out of line, you clamp your jaws around their throat. If they yield, you restore your alpha dominance. If they don’t, you bite down and find a more proper mate. :wolf:


Depends on the moon phase, I guess. When it gets closer to full, in wildness is the preservation of the world, so seek the wolf in thyself! :sunglasses:


Are you talking about the tags section or the book description? I mean, in the tags, I put any and all keywords that I think will bring in the most search results, and yes, I make “romance” one of the tags if there is a legit romance involved in the story.

But if you mean the description - “winner of x award, y award, z award, the 20xx xyz award, being made into a movie, on the xyz hotlist…” and then somewhere waaaaaaayyy at the bottom (after you click “read more”) you may get an actual description of what the book is about… I never click “read more” unless the first two sentences hook me, and “winner of [every award under the sun]” just doesn’t get me excited enough to click “read more” lol!!!


No, I mean the actual tags.


Oh…ok well, I’m of the belief that when it comes to tags, it’s more of a metadata thing that assists with reader search results and not a hook to draw in an audience. I only ever look at other people’s tags so that I can steal good tags for my own books (assuming the tag is relevant), and don’t really ever consider that anyone would read mine. As long as my book gets placed in all relevant categories somewhere in the list, I could care less. To me, more is better lol!!!


So…what if someone tagged their book with: witch, spirits, gore, demons, romance, vampire :thinking:


The negative overpowers the good and I’m out.


LOL!!! But wait a minute:


  • witch, spirits, gore, demons = 4
  • romance, vampire = 2

Doesn’t the “good” score more points? :stuck_out_tongue:




I look at it like a percentage.

What is the percentage of good in witch, spirits, gore, demons? About 10% each.

What is the percentage of negative in romance, vampire? About 200% total.


Haha, dude, neat! I have the whole crumbling kingdom and political marriage thing too! A thing in my story is that I have a lot of common tropes but with a small twist. Like, with the kingdom thing, I did marches instead, which are areas that are ruled by a Marquis :blush: ! So like, king=marquis queen=marquise, crown princess=heiresss, crown prince=heir, princes/princesses=lords/ladies. With the political marriage thing, the twist is that the girl is a lesbian, and the boy is bisexual and ends up with a guy (but the mlm romance arc is kinda a secret and is pretty slowburn :wink: but thats because the story isn’t centered around romance, its a dark fantasy adventure novel with two guys who just so happen to fall in love, y’know?)


Hi! It makes me really happy to see the lgbt+ in your read category! It seems we have some similar tastes, lol. My story is a fantasy adventure novel with magic, supernatural entities, sorcery, all that good stuff, and a lot of the main characters are lgbt! The story isn’t focused on the romance though, its about the adventure, but two of the guys end up together, and another one of my six main characters is a trans man :blush:. It just makes me happy to see people who would be supportive, as I’ve been told a couple times irl that my story would never make it for that reason.