Keywords in a summary that make you read or run?


Six of Crows duology has a gay couple, it seems to have ‘made it’ and I believe the Grisha Trilofy (same world and author) had a lesbian couple as well


Back in your were-day! :rofl: i can see the appeal.


I feel a change, back to a better day
(Shapeshift) Hair stands on the back of my neck
(Shapeshift) In wildness is the preservation of the world
So seek the wolf in thyself…

(Shapeshift) nose to the wind
(Shapeshift) feeling I’ve been
Move swift, all senses clean
Earth’s gift, back to the meaning
Back to the meaning…
Of wolf and man.


Comrades we must start a collab werewolf profile and redefine the genre huzzah

and tbh about the tags I’m worried that my high fantasy novel is gonna get drowned out by the popular sterotypes here even tho everytime I say that, every story has sterotypes one way or the other


Amazing! I’m really interested!

I also have troops with twists in my regard. I usually use tropes kinda like a guideline, but rules are meant to be broken after all, haha.

I do have a prince character who’s one of the main characters. He’s rather ironic too.

There’s also some gay romances around it. It’s just a little character thing, a very very small subplot. But since it’s quite a slow read, it may take a bit until I update until that part, haha!

I should try and read up some dark fantasies. I’ve mainly stuck on adventure, high-fantasies with a somewhat typical hero’s journey story(I don’t know if you’d call it hero’s journey when he’s frequently running away from the fight, but alrighty)!

I should get your username, I wanna read that. It sounds interesting!


I would absolutely love to read your work as well! My username is AquarianEmpire, same as on here. What about yours? I would love to check out your stuff!


Mine is Fallintsel, I am going to check it out!


Lmao same


Dude, that sounds awesome! =D Once I get a free moment (and I’m not coughing and hacking my brains out) I’ll have to give yours a go.

Pretty much 99% of my cast is some form of lgbt+ I think out of the 26 characters I have on hand (it’s a pretty big world) only six identify as straight, and even that’s questionable to some degree. I really just love writing stories about queer ladies (some being Witches, some being Shifters, and others being elemental mancers) being themselves without the yoke of “coming out” or even romance being a thing. Their sexuality doesn’t pertain to the main plots of the story at all, which is preventing the desolation of earth thanks to a pretty hangry beast trying to break into our world from the “other side”.


I’ll totally have to check your story out too!! Also, are you okay? Feel better, lol


Fan fic is my biggest no, no, no. I’ve already read the main book or seen the show. I’m sure some are amazing, but I have my own picture of those characters in my mind so please don’t change them.


I’m feeling pretty under the weather but otherwise I’m making it. Hopefully this is just a chest cold that will works it’s course and go away.


I LOVE Six of Crows


Me too, I love the entire Grisha-verse and can’t wait for King of Scars


I want to read the rest of the Grisha-verse but I haven’t gotten around to it. What is King of Scars going to be about?


Have you read the Grisha Trilogy? If not, it’s a spoiler


No I have not, I need to get them


tbh, i’m a sucker for romance, but if the genre itself isn’t romance, i hate when it takes over lol.
i don’t really pay attention to tags that make me read, aside from lgbt, but if it says anything like “possessive” or “alpha,” i’m getting the HELL out of there. there’s an epidemic of straighties romanticizing abuse on this site and it’s,yikes.


It seems like this thread is no longer about the original post xD But there are definitely words that give me goosebumps when reading a summary (and then there are those phrases where it’s like nOpe byeeeee)

Read: circus, thief, dance, game, sharpshooter, zealot, heretic, golden, saint, silk, sands, god, vicious, war drums, plague, gilded, voice, wish, gift, etched, mortal, cruel, wicked, heist, streets, treason

Would not read: Normal and all variations of it (not a normal girl, was a normal girl, thought she was a normal girl, had a normal life, did not have a normal life, yadda yadda yadda), academy (some exceptions), alpha, vampire, werewolf, escape/overcome/run from her past, heal/mend/open/thaw his heart, discovers secret about family, wakes up one day/everything changes when, family slaughtered by [insert evil people] (some exceptions)

Some of the things that turn me off are just because they appear to be the go-to for people who cannot write well at all, or are just too lazy to come up with original ideas. I feel like I might like them if they were written well, but alas I haven’t been able to find any that fit this category :joy:


Ooh circus is a good one. I should add that to my read list.