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kida's cover shop

the password is euphrasie

this is considered a “revival” of my old cover shop.
no fanwork of others on my covers unless the creator has given permission
please read my rules and be polite, thank u
click here for examples


the necessary: credit me on the blurb of your story. not on the first chapter, not in the author’s notes – in the very blurb when a person clicks on your story. include in it “cover by cosettetapes”

if ur kind: vote/comment on my story, highness


can also be found here

#1: the story ur requesting a cover for must be published already. “i’ll publish it later” does not count.
#2: use the cover for at least a week. if not, let me know so i can turn it into a premade
#3: add the password in the “anything else?” section. NO PASSWORD = NO COVER
#4: after i accept your request, you have to dedicate a chapter of that book to me. when you’ve done that, i’ll start editing your cover
#5: be patient (pls know that i’m in college and this is mostly a hobby i do in between classes and schoolwork), understand if i deny your request, and don’t be rude (i.e. no shop-hopping and no acting entitled)
#6: i have a form. please use that when requesting.


take note: an asterix (*) means it’s optional and therefore you are not required to fill in that specific field.

*IMAGES (i.e. links of anything specific you want me to use/for reference):
MOOD (e.g. light, gloomy, dramatic, etc.):


Title: French Cotton
Subtitle: the poetry collection
Summary: My collection of poetry about everything
Story link: will be posting later today
Ideas: I would really like it to be in the aesthetic of the Romeo and Juilet film 1996? i think with a clean white boarder

anything else:euphrasie x


TITLE: What’s Dead is Dead
SUBTITLE: Sometimes, reckless means brave
AUTHOR: ryansscreams
IDEAS: similar style to your “into the open air” cover except maybe a guy instead of merida, a crown somewhere in the picture would be nice too
IMAGES (i.e. links of anything specific you want me to use/for reference): your into the open air merida cover (for ref)
MOOD (e.g. light, gloomy, dramatic, etc.): dramatic
ANYTHING ELSE? euphrasie

thank you so much x


@ryansscreams and @bon_kiss accepted (tho i wish you used the form i provided instead)!! please dedicate a chapter of your book to me so that i can start editing :blush:


TITLE: Latte Heart
SUBTITLE: All you need is love… and a little coffee
AUTHOR: shadowsettle
IDEAS: Perhaps a cup of coffee, a cafe, or latte art (preferably a heart, obviously). No people on it, if that’s possible, please.
MOOD: Light and casual, fluffy, brown and white colour scheme.
ANYTHING ELSE: Password: euphrasie. This is my current cover, but it sucks, as I’m told the font is horrible. But perhaps you can draw something from it?

Current cover


TITLE: excuse me
** SUBTITLE:* who are you?
AUTHOR: imtotallynotokay
** FANDOM:* bones
IDEAS: I was thinking of either having a young guy with short (brown or black) hair on the cover (maybe with a CIA badge) or Seeley Booth on the cover with the inside of the Jeffersonian in the background.
MOOD: action, mystery


@shadowsettle and @imtotallynotokay both are accepted! please dedicate a chapter to me so that i can start editing :blush:


I’m not on my laptop so I just tagged you.


it’s okay lmao i can wait for the dedication :grin: (besides, i don’t think i can do it until later this day bc i’m leaving the house atm)


Thank you! :blush: And the dedication is done.


Okay now payment is completed



@shadowsettle please let me know if you want any changes and that if you plan on using it. if you use it, please don't forget to credit me!

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OH MY JESUS THAT IS BEAUTIFUL. Of course I’ll use it! Thanks so much :hearts:


sorry and payment done x



@imtotallynotokay i'm sorry for the delay!! please let me know if you want any changes and that if you plan on using it. if you use it, please don't forget to credit me!

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im so happy u like it!! thank u and ur welcome :grinning:


I’ll be using it thank you


Title: Butterflies & Moths
Author: Denicia Badon
Subtitle: " You find more moths than you do butterflies in the world."
Genre: Fanfiction
Summary Of Story: It’s a twilight fanfiction with an oc that is the twin of Renesmee Cullen, she’s the exact opposite of her sister and doesn’t often get attention and went seeking it in all sorts of ways. But when she meets Haven, she begins to love but it was it true love or was it all a game with her heart? Haven opens her eyes about the world, she changes who she was a person, but most of all, she ruins her relationships with those who cared about her the most.
Ideas: I would like a picture of a butterfly or perhaps a guitar on the cover since the oc is a guitar player. But I would like a butterfly on the cover, just something simple for it.
Mood: Light and Simple, minimalistic. Romance, Drama, Thriller


i’m sorry, denied. please reread my rules and feel free to edit what you’ve sent me.


I couldn’t find the last picture again sorry.