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i’m happy u liked it!! as for this request i can’t seem to find the story on your account? can u please link it


i’m so sorry for the delay on your cover!! college is being hectic and i have no time in doing it but i promise i’ll do it by the time i get home


Oops I just realised I accidentally didn’t publish it. But it’s published now.


TITLE: The Alpha of Sendero Pack
SUBTITLE: Behind the smile, he’s hiding pain, darkness, and a set of fangs.
AUTHOR: astronoculous
IDEAS: Maybe some kind of silhoeutte of a boy or a girl or a wolf. something with moonlight, or closed eyes/wilted flower/suggesting something hidden. A bloodied hand or a calloused/bruised fist could be cool (not like a graphic one tho lol)
MOOD: The story is about a girl finding out that the perfect and most popular jock at her school is a brutal werewolf by night, so something humorous/rom-com-y, but also somewhat dark, if that makes sense? Ik it’ll be hard to reconcile the two concepts so im totally down if u just pick either rom com or dark to roll w :slight_smile:
ANYTHING ELSE: Password: euphrasie. thank you for your consideration!!


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Hello. I would like to request a cover thank you. Credit will be given :slight_smile:

Title: Hero’s Descent: Act I: So-Called Heroes (The title of the Act is optional, since it makes the title a little long for a cover, but i like the Roman numerals so please keep that there)

Subtitle: A silent teen. A cruel monster. A lonely prince. From zero to hero

Author: Chad Smith

Fandom: Deltarune

Ideas: Alright i’ve got a couple. Could we get the three main characters from Deltarune. (Kris, Ralsei and Susie) in the shot with Kris in a brave pose, amber eyes. Susie with some kind of imposing position, i’ll leave it to you to decide poses and whatnot. Ralsei is just there, next to Susie i reckon. A nice idea i was thinking of is having the ‘t’ in Descent take the shape of a Cross, like a Christian Cross, since that’s important later. I’ll let you decide what the background is based on other specs really. Perhaps a castle?

Images:Well i went foraging in the dumpster and couldn’t come up with anything that didn’t make me want to wash my eyes out with bleach so i won’t post any pics of what the characters looks like. I’m so sorry to do this to you, but i can’t have everyone here going through that crap, it’s up to you.

Mood: It needs to have a dark atmosphere, but a tiny little glimmer of hope. Mostly dark but not very dramatic, just, unnerving honestly. Like you have the sense things are going to go wrong.

Anything else? euphraise



@bon_kiss i'm sorry for the delay!! also made you two bc i'm not..quite satisfied. so please let me know if you want any changes and that if you plan on using it. if you use it, please don't forget to credit me!


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@astronoculous accepted! please give me a dedicate to indicate when i’ll start editing.

@Arkotract accepted also! however can you please provide an image of any sort? i can’t seem to imagine the cover you’re requesting. i don’t mind if you have a cast for it for the characters, or a cover made by someone else to reference the vibe ur going for?

@keepfaithbaby thank you!





@astronoculous i attempted for a black comedy sort of vibe -- if u don't like it, i can make another :relaxed: please let me know if you want any changes and that if you plan on using it. if you use it, please don't forget to credit me!

click to view full image / tumblr link tbu


Well i suppose i have pictures of characters for reference purposes, but the issue is with backgrounds is that any reference images are pixelated so it’s not a very good reference, since the game has an 8-bit art style. I can provide references for characters, but background, well, it’s just got to have some sense of despair. I suppose an open field or salt plain shrouded in darkness could work, maybe with a grave or two.

Sorry about not being descriptive enough. Where do you want me to post character images?


preferably here, as a comment. you can post the images or as links.


if you’re concerned about the amount, then please provide links instead.


There’s only 3. Is that too many?


i love it! thank you so much <3


@astronoculous im so happy to hear that! and ur welcome :grinning:

@Arkotract it isn’t, don’t worry lmao


Alright i’ve posted the links. Sorry about being such a bother.


oh god i’m sorry i don’t use others’ fanart on my covers


Okay then, nevermind about the cover. This is too much hassle for both of us :frowning:
I don’t mean this in a rude way. I’m sorry for wasting your time.


Just wanted to let you know, I will be requesting tomorrow, because I have saved some links on it. Can I make a double request - for two stories?