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@imtotallynotokay sorry for the late reply omg but accepted! please dedicate a chapter to me so i can start editing :relaxed:

@Arkotract aaaa i usually put it in my rules / intro but seemed to have forgotten this time. i’m sorry for your inconvenience as well! it looked like you put a lot of effort into filling out the form

@keepfaithbaby yes, the amount of covers you request is not a problem (i guess unless the person is blacklisted i guess? lmao) as long as you follow my rules, you’re good :grin:


Payment completed



@imtotallynotokay personally not a huge fan of this so i might make you another in the future? please let me know if you'd like any changes or if you wish to not use it at all. if u do tho, please don't forget to credit me

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Hello! Finally ready to request:

Title: Therapy

Subtitle: A Kristen Stewart Fan Fiction

Author: Maya Scott

Fandom: Kristen Stewart/the Krisbians fandom

Ideas: What I really want is a simple font (something similar to Aries or Times New Roman) for the author name and the subtitle and a curly font (I used to know so many fonts a couple of years ago, now I can’t remember any on top of my head), something similar to this:

Images: I have some, however, I don’t know if they are good enough, they are in the best quality I could find:


I also have some that are from Pinterest that I think could work?


Mood: Sad, almost too depressing.

Anything else?: euphrasie

Thanks in advance!


@keepfaithbaby accepted! pls dedicate to me a chapter from ur book so i can start editing :relaxed:


hi! I’m wondering if you do vector covers?


Dedicated chapter 6!


@averysummers yes, here (the second example)



@keepfaithbaby please don't forget to credit me if u intend on using and let me know if u won't so i can turn it to a premade -- also pls don't hesitate to ask for changes if there r any!!

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:"D I AM GOING TO USE THEM hugs tightly


i’m so happy that you like it!!


Planning to request more covers soon…


would it be okay if a requested a vector of a car + people :o


Second request.

Title: Aurelie

Subtitle: She was daddy’s little girl

Author: Maya Scott

Fandom: The Twilight Saga

Ideas: Like the cover of “Therapy” want is a simple font (something similar to Aries or Times New Roman) for the author name and the subtitle and a curly font. I love curly fonts in combination with more simple ones.

I would really like the photo to be cut in a certain way: from the neck below, like the original cover I made for the fanfic:

Images: There is legit only one photo I think would fit this cover perfectly, tbh:


Mood: A bit sad

Anything else?: euphrasie + the story is published

Thanks in advance!


@AverySummers sure

@keepfaithbaby accepted!


TITLE: His Promise
*SUBTITLE: He Died To Save You
AUTHOR: Katie Nicole
IDEAS: is there anyway you could do maybe like an old run down/abandoned town or a forest and incorporate a cross in it somehow? Because the cross is important :slight_smile:
*IMAGES (i.e. links of anything specific you want me to use/for reference):image image image image image

MOOD (e.g. light, gloomy, dramatic, etc.): Dark/ gloomy
ANYTHING ELSE? Euphraise and thank you so much! Will get payment completed as soon as I’m accepted!


And here’s the link :slight_smile:



TITLE: 12:01 OR A midnight after midnight
AUTHOR: avery summers
IDEAS: Possibly a vector of two people over a car on the road? A girl with blonde hair and a guy with brown hair. I just need the side of them as they either lean over the car (possibly red/black car, please?) and maybe the road and the sky above them.
*IMAGES (i.e. links of anything specific you want me to use/for reference):
MOOD (e.g. light, gloomy, dramatic, etc.): Light, please
ANYTHING ELSE? euphraise


Sadly I don’t think it fits with what I wanted but thank you for trying