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thank you sorry for the late reply my laptop was broken its perfect I will be using and crediting. xx


@Purely_Kaitlin & @AverySummers accepted

@imtotallynotokay thank u for letting me know, i’ll be turning it to a premade instead

@keepfaithbaby im sorry due to my current busy schedule, i won’t be able to edit ur cover until friday gmt+8 i hope u won’t mind the delay


Dedicated a chapter to you and followed you :slight_smile: about to go check out your story now!


TITLE: Monsters Like Us —(it is published, but right now under the title Under the Sea. I want the new title on the cover :smile:)
AUTHOR: Madison Metheny
IDEAS: I want this to not be too specific–for example, I don’t want a visible face or anything. It’s not a horror book, but it is about literal mythical monsters. Otherwise, I give you leave to creative freedom, should you accept!
*IMAGES (i.e. links of anything specific you want me to use/for reference):
MOOD(e.g. light, gloomy, dramatic, etc.): gloomy
ANYTHING ELSE? euphrasie. thank you!


That’s ok! Take your time.


@Purely_Kaitlin thank you! but please know that i won’t be able to edit until friday, gmt+8 in the case ur cover will be delayed

@rageynerd accepted!


That’s fine!



@keepfaithbaby good news i found a bit of time!! haha -- please don't forget to credit me if u intend on using and let me know if u won't so i can turn it to a premade -- also pls don't hesitate to ask for changes if there r any!!

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Yet another request:

Title: Antosha&Kitty

Subtitle: #LoveAntosha

Author: Maya Scott

Fandom: I guess the Anton Yelchin Fandom (possibly the Star Trek Fandom) and the Kristen Stewart fandom?

Ideas: For this cover, I think I want simple fonts for everything. I would usually choose a curly font, but I feel like a simple one would fit better this particular cover. Possibly a slightly darker filter to represent the tragic story? (IRL, to me their story is so tragic, wait until the documentary “Love, Antosha” and listen to what Kristen says or read online the articles and… my heart legit broke IRL)

Images: I found these, no idea if they are in a good enough quality.

  2. (idk if that photo is appropriate oops)
  5. PINTEREST BOARD (for inspo):

Mood: Romantic, but also very tragic (because Anton died)

Anything else?: euphrasie + the story is published + A VERY IMPORTANT DETAIL: Krinton were aged 14 and 15 when they have dated on the set of the movie “Fierce People”, Kristen said it in an article from last month.

Thanks in advance!



@Purely_Kaitlin sorry idk how to feel abt this haha so pls do tell me if u want anything changed / won't be using it, otherwise please don't forget to credit me

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I love it! Thank you! I will be using it :slight_smile:


@Purely_Kaitlin im so happy u like it!!
@keepfaithbaby aaaaa thank u!! and accepted :grinning::grinning::grinning:
@bon_kiss so sorry for the late reply but im happy u like it, thank u for requesting!!


Dedicated Chapter 0, aka the prologue.


In case you didn’t see it, I dedicated the first chapter to you a couple days ago!


@rageynerd omg im so sorry i forgot!! i’ll get to ur cover but on friday at least bc i have my exams this week, so sorry for the delay!!

@keepfaithbaby i’ll get to ur cover but on friday if ur willing to wait, sorry for the delay i have my exams this week and couldnt find time to edit


thanks for letting me know! And don’t worry about it, I’m a student too, I get your struggle :slight_smile:


Good luck on your exams!


Subbed to request


TITLE: love, hate and other filters
*SUBTITLE: My love is yours if you’re willing to take it
Give me your heart 'cause I ain’t gonna break it.

AUTHOR: aditi jain
*FANDOM: zayn malik and selena gomez fandom.
IDEAS: zayn malik and selena gomez, lights in the background, happy…looking at each other. (You may look at my current cover) zayn and selena hugging. Background can be of paper and then zayn and selena laughing. Selena laughing and zayn admiring her. the font be any used mostly in minimal covers. Or, the title covering three-fourth of the cover and then zayn and selena’s vector or something. like this. Or a collage of zaylena pictures.

*IMAGES (i.e. links of anything specific you want me to use/for reference): inspo : / /

MOOD (e.g. light, gloomy, dramatic, etc.): light and happy.
ANYTHING ELSE? euphraise