kida's cover shop // hiatus



this shop now on hiatus! all requests beyond this announcement will be ignored.

will be catching up on requests i still haven't done so i can't accept any more til the queue is finished. for those who still havent had their covers, i'm so so so sorry for the delay but they'll be delivered, i promise!! would def understand if u want to cancel tho


@noFOOKINidea can’t seem to find the story on ur profile so this request is denied


I’m sorry. I didn’t realize i requested from this profile. The story is on my other profile, named “until you” , and now i want to change the name to “love, hate and other filters.” Here is the story.

It’s okay if you still deny it.





@AverySummers this took me so long lmao but i hope u like it! feel free to ask for any changes and to add credit if using. otherwise pls still let me know so i can turn it to a premade :blush:

click to view full image / tumblr link


IM SPEECHLESS! THIS IS SO AMAZING! ahh thank you SO much! can I ask for a small change? maybe their sunglasses removed, possibly? that’s all I ask. thank you so much!


@averysummers i’m so happy u like it!! aaaaaa and they have been removed as of now, you can check the previous post :grin:


ahhh thank you so much! <33 this is a masterpiece!