kinda wish there was a way to press pause on life

i wish there was a way to press like pause on your entire life and sleep for a year or more because you just don’t want to be alive and conscious right now and dreaming and resting for a year or other prolonged period of time seems like a nice option and also because like being dead dead is also a little too extreme because you eventually want to continue with everything just not in the specific present time period

I kinda feel you!

yeah like i don’t wanna die but I’m just tired and want the giantest nap
stuff goes by too fast


Like Sleeping Beauty? :wink:
Yeah! But maybe when we’d wake up it would still be as complicated!

I would love to press pause and have a LONG sleep, or maybe write a couple of novels. It would certainly make life so much easier.

Time is relative.

Time waits for no one, but sleep when you need to. Just don’t oversleep, b/c you’ll get too lazy to do much afterwards.

You post is the fake deep of a 14 year old trying to sound philosophical after reading a paragraph of Nietzsche on Wikipedia.

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Dude I work overnights and go to college during the day plus vocal and piano lessons plus multiple doctor appointments per month.

over sleeping is not the problem



basicaly jaden smith’s entire twitter

if you want time to actually pass you could get yourself petrified like in Dr Stone or go into cryo-sleep like in every Alien movie though you could always just freeze time like charmed

Yeah, so much

And a skip button too, to get to the good times and avoid the bad ones…

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