King Malus' Cake Cafe!| Chat Thread.



Welcome! :3

I am King Malus. Welcome to the seventh revival of my string of threads!
In here, I encourage people to be themselves. Because it’s much more fun that way!
You can come in, declare who you are, order some cake/tea/coffee whathaveyou and then join in the fun!
I hope to see you soon!

Friends! :3

I’ve met a lot of great people, so I’m gonna tag you all in here now!
First up!
Closest friends:

And now for
Good Friends (or friends that I haven’t known for long):

(If I forgot anyone, then I apologise! Please tell me if I have!)

Old threads! :3

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Thread Three

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Thread Six

Thread Mottos! :3

:cake: “Come for the conversation, stay for the cake!” :cake:
:tea: “I’ll put the kettle on!” :tea:
:house: “Welcome Home!” :house:
:zzz::woman:t2: “The Calamitously Lazy Duo!” :man:t2::zzz:
:joy: “Stop standing in the sink, Anca!” :joy:
:tophat:“It’s show time!” :tophat:
:question: “Mayhaps!” :question:

The Kingdom of Kawaii| Chat Thread.
King Malus' Cafe of Cuteness| Chat thread

Welcome to the worst looking thread I’ve ever made!

…I’ll make it better another day. This crap’ll do for now…


Wow, I actually can type here without people all talking at once!


What I’m not one of your closest friends anymore I didn’t get tagged


Hi ya mortal. XD


Haha, for now! XD


What!? XD


I made the closest friends list I AM HONOURED SIR


How’s it going?




What happened to the crew?


At first I didn’t see my name I was about to say why is it my name up there. But I see it you go through the threads really fast


Yeah! You did. Of course ya did!


Ooo I have been summoned


Eh, pretty good. I just don’t like the look of my thread right now! XD


My love! How are ya?!


It’s been awhile since I’ve been on a tag list that I actually wanted to be part of xD


Ah, crap, so many people!!!


Welp, that’s somethin’ I need to think about. To be honest.


Cult of the Goat :joy::joy::joy: