King Malus' Cake Cafe!| Chat Thread.



I don’t ride a lot of things. XD


Ooooooo. I have got nothing.


Why I are I singing the melody for a nursery song I have done it all morning


But you enjoy it. :3


I don’t think there’s a bunny Pokemon in Hoenn tho D:


For me, my hobbies and I have a love-hate relationship.




I wouldn’t question it XD


And hopefully you can use the cheese cause it was delicious XD


Well I do why just why do I sing the melody of a nursery song I haven’t heard in so long


I’ll… hmm… I’ll have to load up Moon! XD


(It really describes. That door leads to a side of Lynx you may not be ready to see.)


Tsundere with your hobbies. Got it. XD


Awwwww. Thank you, Mama Rosie. Hugs


Ahh XD That happens to me too sometimes XD


I think we have Mature Cheddar. So it should be great! :3


Is it bad I kinda want to get in time out?


Moon does have Buneary!


Ooo that sounds good.


(Hm. I want to see it, but I need to get the key first.)