🍀 Kismet Graphics | Non-Committal Shop [OPEN]


With school back in session in a few weeks things are getting pretty busy for me. Even so I would still like to do a bit of graphic designing along the way. I’ve been designing manipulated and vector graphics since August 2019, and I’d like to keep it up :slight_smile: I mainly make covers, but I’m willing to try just about anything, with the exception of trailers since I don’t have the software. This includes, but is not limited to: icons, covers, banners, bookmarks, aesthetics, playlist graphics, img threads, ect.

This is a non-committal shop. That means I am not obligated to make every request posted here. Instead I’ll scroll through the requests when I have the time to design graphics, and select the one I’m most inspired to do. I won’t be responding to requests in the comments to accept or deny them, if I do make the graphic I’ll be posting it here and will tag the requester.

That also means you are not obligated to only request from me. You could request from other designers too. Threadhopping is okay as long as the other designer is aware/okay with threadhopping :slight_smile:

If you do not need a graphic anymore please reply below that you do not need it.

Some additional things to know are:
I. The requested graphic will be posted here then sent by PM on Wattpad
I I. I require written acknowledgment that I made the graphic (credit) (if a book cover in either the book’s description or the first chapter.) (By the way, the password is your favourite song).

Payment is completely up to the requester! Whether you would like to give me a follow, comments, dedication, or shoutout.

  1. Request Form (please fill out the sections that apply to the graphic type)
  • Graphic Type (cover, icon, banner, etc.): Cover
  1. Graphic Style (e.g. manip, vector, object-based, faceclaim): Object-based

  2. Title: Star Wars Episode I

  3. Subtitle (optional): The Secret Order

  4. Authors Name: Patsy Derrell

  5. Book Description:

  6. Character Description(s)/Faceclaim(s):

  7. Color Scheme: Green For The Jedi, Red For The Sith

  8. Ideas: Maybe we should have Green For The Jedi and red for the sith

  9. Examples:

  10. Request Form (please fill out the sections that apply to the graphic type)

  • Graphic Type (cover, icon, banner, etc.):
  1. Graphic Style (e.g. manip, vector, object-based, faceclaim):

  2. Title:

  3. Subtitle (optional):

  4. Authors Name:

  5. Book Description:

  6. Character Description(s)/Faceclaim(s):

  7. Colour Scheme:

  8. Ideas:

  9. Examples:


  1. [details=“Examples Go Here”]

  2. This text will be hidden

  3. [/details]

  4. Other:

  5. Password:

  6. [details=“Examples Go Here”]

  7. This text will be hidden

  8. [/details]

  9. Other: Your covers are superb!!!

  10. Password: Peace On Earth/The Little Drummer Boy

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Sub for later

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  1. Request Form (please fill out the sections that apply to the graphic type)
  • Graphic Type (cover, icon, banner, etc.): Cover, Banner, Book mark, Aesthetic, Playlist Graphic (sorry! lol liked urs so I thought I could get all from u…)
  1. Graphic Style (e.g. manip, vector, object-based, faceclaim): Manip

  2. Title: Ignited Dragon

  3. Subtitle (optional):

  4. Authors Name: Vaishnavee

  5. Book Description: This is a Dragon shifter Novel…

  6. Character Description(s)/Faceclaim(s): Okay so I want a beautiful and Flawless woman with Blue shinning eyes and flying hair.

  7. Colour Scheme: Gold, White, Emerald Green, Ocean Blue

  8. **Ideas:**Okay so I want a beautiful and Flawless woman with Blue shinning eyes and flying hair with glowing sword in her hand standing in a fighting stance… If u can’t do this I have a few ideas and u can ask me other details…if it doesn’t fit my story u could try something else… :heart:

  9. Examples: Please do see all the examples to get an idea…




  1. Other: In case u accept I will be the most happiest person on earth.

  2. Password: 7 rings

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  1. Request Form* (please fill out the sections that apply to the graphic type)
  • **Graphic Type (cover, icon, banner, etc.):cover
  1. **Graphic Style (e.g. manip, vector, object-based, faceclaim):**Vector

  2. **Title:Blank slate:The Christmas Tale

  3. Subtitle (optional):

  4. **Authors Name:kerththekan vamathevan

  5. **Book Description:Blank slate the christmas tale.Everything starts in an orphanage.There’s a child who seems to be just a dead man walking.The owner of the orphanage says its because his father was finally found but he was dead.The children sets themselves a deadline of christmas day,To bring there friend back.

  6. **Character Description(s)/Faceclaim(s):Black hair.Pale skin.Eyes are cold and lifeless.

  7. **Colour Scheme:You choose really.

  8. **Ideas:**A lifeless boy under a tree. Cartoonish.

  9. Examples:

  10. [details=“Examples Go Here”]

  11. This text will be hidden

  12. [/details]

  13. Other:

  14. **Password:**Bob the builder can you fix it? (Sorry i don’t really listen to many songs)


Hi! Merry Christmas! :christmas_tree:

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Thank you! (Late, but…)

Hello! Are u taking requests? If u are I want request another one

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Yup, I am! This shop is always open :slight_smile:


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Awesome thread :star_struck: :heart_eyes: and Happy New Year, my talented, kind friend, hope your 2020 is super amazing :nerd_face: :sparkling_heart: :two_hearts: :partying_face: :sparkles:

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Thank you so much!! :blush: :sparkling_heart: Happy New Year to you too, my amazing friend! Wishing you an awesome 2020 filled with joy and happiness :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :sparkles: :star2:

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are you taking any requests? sorry to ask haha i am kinda confused because none of the requested graphics were given… so i have no idea if i should request.

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Yup! I’m always open for requests! :blush: This is a non-committing shop, so I don’t formally accept or deny requests (that’s probably why this thread looks so abandoned :joy:)

For all the requests above I was either not inspired, the cover was requested with designers who don’t allow thread-hopping, or the form was not filled out properly.

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Request Form

Graphic Type : COVER
**Graphic Style (e.g. manip, vector, object-based, faceclaim): Manip **
Title: Little Liar
Subtitle (optional): Even lies have sharp teeth
Authors Name: Anna Jane
Book Description: Since she moved to Chicago two years ago, her neighbors and school classmates considered her a lost child of the Adams family. With her jet black hair, heavy eyeliner, pale skin and her fake Vampire teeth’s she never takes off. You see, Amanda Devin is crazy for Vampires, so she likes to pretend to be one. But when actual Vampires came to town, and they are not so happy with the little fake Vampire. But Amanda wants to become one so bad she starts following one of them, Drake Devil, begging him to turn her to the point of driving him mad but also intrigued by her personality and resistance.
Character Description(s)/Faceclaim(s): Nick Jonas and Cara Delevingne
Colour Scheme: Light colors since is Vampire/Romance/Comedy type of story.
Ideas: Nick and Cara standing side by side, big house behind them with the tittle hanging loosely behind them, or in a big flower garden.

Examples Go Here


Other: No
Password: Sucker/Jonas Brothers

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Hi annajanee123! I don’t usually respond on this thread, but I wanted to thank you for such a nice request form :blush: I really appreciate it!

I found your story inspiring, so I tried it out. Sadly I’m not able to replicate the style you’re looking for; it’s outside my area of expertise :sweat_smile: Best wishes, I hope you find your perfect cover! Thank you for requesting at Kismet Graphics :four_leaf_clover:

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I am so sorry to bother you again but I really like your covers can you at least do it like text based? photo 1
photo 2
photo 3

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