Kiss scene or no kiss scene

Every genre is different with its unique needs. Sometimes reading WP books, one might think romance books must contain cringe worthy cliche scenes. Just horror requires darkness (personally I think this is discrimination against darkness :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

My question is, how do you feel about a book with no kiss scene? Do you think popularity of a book or simply for some reason, a book must have a kiss scene?

It could be soemthing ‘out of comfort zone’ for some and some may say this is a good reason to write it to challenge yourself as a writer. But tell me about your thoughts.

Must a book have a kiss scene?

  • Yes
  • No

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Explain your choice

I voted “no” because it doesn’t suit all stories. If I try to fit a kiss scene somewhere in the book I’m writing now, it will come off as awkward and extremely forced.


And if the genre was humor, romance?

The books I read outside of Wattpad are never romance-based, so they never have kiss scenes.

But when it comes to love-stories, they don’t all require a kiss-scene. It’s ok to have them though.

But to me, if an author can potray a relationship just by delivering pure, vivid emotions - that’s the type of romance I LOVE and melt for.


I 200% agree with you :grin:

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For humor, you don’t need a kiss scene.

Even if it’s romance, I don’t think you need a kiss scene. It depends on the plot and the characters. If you’re writing a romance about two passionate lovers, then maybe you’d need a kiss scene. But what if the characters are still in high school and have just started their relationship? What if the characters involved are shy, don’t like being touched, or want to take the slow route? Maybe they’d better not kiss first.

It really depends on the plot and your characters.


Unfortunately, I’m not that type of author. But I aspire to be.

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Thank you!

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I’m sorry, what kind of author?

The one, delivering vivid emotions lol

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Well, no, it’s not like there must be a kiss scene in every single book, but some genres and narrative arcs call for one.


I wrote an entire book around the slowburn connection being formed between two high schoolers. It’s a pure and fluffy romcom that ends with a first kiss when the clueless MC finally acknowledges his feelings. It’s under publication but WP readers do NOT care about it. My long term R4R wrote her own YA after, added kissing and Mature content to the mix, and her book shot up to 12x the reads/votes in quarter of the time.

People love the physical stuff!


if your book is tagged under “romance” it would be pretty disappointing to the readers if there’s no kiss scene, since they read and root for that. if you’re writing for the sake of readers, i think including kiss scenes is necessary. but of course, it’s your story, though i tend to add kiss scenes in my romance books.

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Absolutely not.

I have two equally unpopular books. One is asexual space opera, the other is a contemporary romance. Kissing makes no difference whatsoever.

My two fantasy books, one has sex scene every few chapters and is egregiously sensual. The second has one kiss, and two fade to black toward the end. The second is more popular than the first by the virtue of being there longer, and turning up steam didn’t bring me any extra fame.

Kissing or not, I am still a struggling writer, working for a breakthrough.

So, write what makes sense for the book.

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Must if have a kiss? No.

There are no set rules when it comes to storytelling.

There are all sorts of genres that don’t require romance. The only one that does is romance itself, mostly because it would be a major let down for readers to read a romance that doesn’t even hit first base.

Some stories call for it. Some don’t.

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It depends, anything can work with the right circumstances. For instance, horror can be in broad daylight and still be horrifying.

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Does it NEED a kiss scene? Is it a romance?

It really depends on the story and the author. I novel DOESN’T need a kiss scene, some stories don’t suit a kiss scene while other’s do as I said depends on the author and the genre of book.

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I have read a romance book before that had millions of reads, quite popular you’d say right? The book only had one sentence that indicated that the couple have a ritual of kissing in front of the door. That’s it… So romance or no romance, in my opinion, as long as they story line is engaging it shouldn’t matter

Precisely! :+1:

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