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Trailer - Comment on one of my book’s.

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Cover Form

  1. Simple Minimal Manip

  2. Title Of The Book/Novel: Amelia And The Queen Of Thieves

  3. Subtitle(If You Have One): Amelia And The Magic Lamp 3

  4. Author’s Name/Username: Patsy Derrell A.K.A @Haruka547

  5. Short Blurb: In The Second Sequel to Amelia And The Magic Lamp, after months preparing for their get together, Former Street Thief Amelia(Jackie Evancho), And Her Friend Princess Serena(Summer Bishil) are close to the big day. When Amelia learns that her mother Cordelia(Lisa Evancho) And her new sister Wendy(Rachel Evancho) are still alive, They hunt her down. Cordelia said that she and Wendy are looking for the jewel of family and Friendship by the Japanese Goddess of friendship(Yokono). Amelia invites them to the palace, but Their passion with the jewel soon grows too strong for their new life!

  6. Pictures(Not Mandatory, But Very Welcomed):


  1. Ideas(This Is Mandatory, I’m Not a mind reader, So Give Me Ideas): We can use the amulets for transformations scenes. Also, we can do some colored aura for each character. And I’ll add some mythology!!!

  2. Inspiration(Also Mandatory, If You Want To Be Accepted):




  1. Anything Else: I would love to give one of your books a look!!!
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Do you want girl one or girl two on the cover or both? I haven’t understood a word you just said in your idea section: What exactly do you want on the cover? How do you see it?

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both girls!!!

I want to have 2 Amulets on the back on the cover with the critiques.

I also want to have a Japanese Goddess.

I see it as a great way to make the fantasy and mythology come to life!!!

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I am so sorry but I don’t think I can do this.

Darn it!!!

But I still respect you!

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Sorry, I will try but I can’t promise anything okay?


@Haruka547 Here is your cover, this is the best I could do. Hope you like it, don’t forget to credit if you use it.


Amazing Covers! :heart_eyes:

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Thank you so much @90sgalaa !

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No Problem At All Love!

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Hi, just to confirm is this still open?


@CamilloCabello Yup,order away and welcome to mu shop :slight_smile:

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  • Title: Dear, Emma.
  1. Author: Camille Bolap

  2. Genre: romance & mystery

  3. Summary:
    When Emma’s best friend dies, she figures her life is over but when Liam, the new hottie of the school it turns her life around badly.
    They have nothing in common, she likes to stay in the shadows but he likes being the center of attention. They are both brought together by a series of letter their dead friend wrote. Could they solve the mystery?

  4. Required Text :
    Can you emphasize on this question Please?

  5. Cast:
    Cody Christian
    Bridget Satterlee

  6. Book cover (not required):

  7. Song(s):
    Say something.
    Too good at goodbyes.
    Somebody you loved.
    If it fits theme than Happier by Ed

  8. Mood:
    Sadness, a bit of happiness.

  9. Required Clips:

  10. Other things you want me to keep in mind?:


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Txt means do you have something you want me to write in the trailer like "she was living in the shadows… " and so on or you want me to do it myself, to extract something from the summary? @CamilloCabello

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Anyway, you are accepted :slight_smile:

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