Kissing Scenes



I hate writing kissing scenes, like really despise it. I don’t know, there is just something completely awkward about it, and I never know how to write it. I’m gonna have to write a kissing scene for my fourth book and I’m literally dreading it.

Any tips? What does a kiss really feel like? What makes a good kiss? Have you had any bad or funny kisses that stand out? How about some hot ones? Do you like writing passionate scenes? How do you do it?


Unfortunately, I can’t give a whole lot of advice on how to write one as I’ve never been kissed before. The only type of information I know of is from my sister telling me how it’s like as she’s married. She told me that’s nothing like they say (sparks flying and whatever). For her, it was just slobbery and awkward because—in her words—“You’re not sure where to put your tongue.”

So… from that point on, I write it like this. xD Nothing fancy or romantic. Haha.

This was what I wrote on my first draft:

Our tongues moved in various places, making it feel awkward considering I had never been kissed before. Our saliva swirled around in each other’s mouths and the entire process became odd. Was this how it felt to kiss someone? Was I even doing it correctly?

She pulled away, giggling. “We’ll have to work on that, but you’re not that bad of a kisser.”



Sorry for the randomness, but I needed this post to happen. Fr, I have no idea where or how to even start writing that. Thanks :slight_smile:


I’ve never had to do kissing scene unless you count touching noses.
I write more about animals ( preferably cats )

But I have been kissed!

It Depends on how far they are Into the relationship, if they are early on. I would be hesitant and and quick peck

But if they are far into the relationship is would be more willingly and slow,


Honestly, I just keep it indirect. I provide enough information as to imply what happens, and then let the reader connect the dots. This way it’s not awkward, and it leaves an even deeper impression on the reader.


one word to describe a kiss: overrated.

personal opinions aside, i agree with @EdgeValmond. there are very few ways to describe a kiss without being cringey. this is one place i would put the book down if the author went into detail.


Damn, am I the only person who loves a kiss scene? They’re just so amazing. They really show how the relationship works. They’re tricky to write if you have no idea how to write them but they should fit the characters for sure.

With Aydel, their kiss was surprising and passionate. Neither of them really saw it coming. There was a lot of intense feelings in it.

With Fela, their kiss was a bit awkward but sweet. They were friends for a while and Lia didn’t know she even felt that way about Felix.

Ellya had a veryyyy passionate kiss. They had a slow build up and wanted it for a while so they let out the feelings in the kiss.

I just really love a kiss scene and they should match the characters.


I’ve had awkward kisses—with the wrong people. Or at the wrong time. Something’s always just “off” when a kiss gets sloppy, maybe you’re just not in sync or your mind is wandering off… But it can be funny, too, when you’re already in a relationship and the kiss gets weird because then you just both laugh and that’s it. xD

That said, what kind of kiss do you want to write? Should it be passionate? Lingering? Lustful? Shy? Is there a build-up? How do the characters feel? It all hinges on these questions.

A shy kiss, for example, ugh, just melts my heart. So good. You go in. Stop. Maybe even signal: “is this okay?” (Question or eyes, the other person gets it.) You feel their breath on your lips. Your heart rate goes up, you feel the tension between your lips and theirs. Then, a shy kiss on the upper lip. You wait, just for a second, but maybe it just feels so long, then you both go in again, quickly going from shy to longing—where are your hands? Where are theirs? The chin? Cheek? Hair? What do you feel? Because you sure as hell don’t think a lot right now. What does your heart do? Your breath? Do you smile into the kiss? What do you do when it breaks up? Look into their eyes? Smile? Grin? What are they doing?

There’s a LOT to write about. These questions can be altered for any kind of kiss, but believe me, if it “clicks”, if consent is there 100% and both are enthusiastic about it? Even a little awkwardness can be just perfect. :wink:

Oh yeah, and I wouldn’t focus too much on the tongues, except you WANT it to be awkward. Describing a French kiss can be done well (focusing on the feeling it elicits, for example), but most I’ve read were… not great. Some people even go as far as writing about “fighting” tongues, and I’m always like??? This doesn’t sound pleasant? Don’t overdo it, basically. xD


ruin it, just ruin it have them bump teeth, its always funny to fail


i just write that my characters brain short circuits its easy and probably accurate


There are actually a lot of websites out there that help with writing a great first kiss. This is a great resource. Even after writing my first kiss scene years and years ago, I still use them regularly when writing my first kiss in any book. I also use e-books about it frequently, but there’s no point in purchasing those if you try to avoid this kind of scene.


I’d recommend reading as many kiss scenes as you can. Read published and Wattpad ones. Start a story request thread and just ask for links to chapters with kiss scenes. They can provide a lot of inspiration seeing all the ways they can be done.


Here are mine:

He exchanged a knowing look with her before finally allowing a bemused smile to take over his face. He was only a few feet away from her now. “And what happens if I turn you down?”

Ada licked her lips, noticing the ‘Bennet Trance’ was taking over the closer he got to her. “Hell if I know,” she admitted. “I just don’t recommend it because I really want you to kiss me.”

One more step and he was now only a foot away from her before he stopped in his tracks. His eye contact was firm and unwavering and he swallowed hard. “Say that again.”

His voice was calm, quiet and somewhat resigned, which only pulled Ada in more.

Ada held in a breath, the power of his stare completely undoing her. “I want you to kiss me.”

It was Tom who did this to her. He turned her from ‘straight ‘A’ Ada’ with her eyes on the future to a woman who had only eyes for him.

The foot between them was now gone, nearly completely erased. She’d say the words over and over again if he’d wanted her to, but he didn’t need her words to know what she wanted. He could see it written all across her body like a map with only one destination. He could read the clues in her breaths, demanding eyes, shaky body or quivering mouth and they would all lead him to one place.

And he did seem to take it all in, his eyes studying every clue that showed him just how badly she wanted all this, before he finally wrapped one arm around her waist while the other hand brushed up and down her side.

“You know this is a bad idea, right?”

Ada opened her mouth to speak, but the sound was barely audible. She tried again and had to force the words out. “Best bad idea I’ve ever had.”

Tom’s knuckles trailed across her stomach and he kept firm eye contact with her. “If we start something, there’s going to be consequences. People aren’t going to like it when they find out, and they will find out eventually.”

“So be it.”

His knuckles caught the bottom of her shirt and hit her bare skin for only a moment before the shirt fell back into place. Ada dropped her head back and she took in a heavy breath, filling her lungs with his forever scent of coffee and chocolate with a hint of sweat from a hard nights work.

The feel of his hot breath against her neck nearly made Ada stumble and she grabbed onto him for balance. When she did, it only drew him closer and his lips grazed the skin, filling her with an almost unbearable need. All rational thought disappeared the moment he began leaving a trail of kisses across her neck, against her chin, up her jawline and another just below her ear.

Each kiss was a small piece of seduction, as if she needed to be seduced into kissing him.

“My legs are going to stop working in about five seconds.”

Tom left another small kiss on her chin before he caught her by the waist and picked her up with ease, looking around for a place to put her. Finally he set her down on a bistro chair, just barely out of view of the window.

The moment she landed on the chair, Ada kept her legs around him, unwilling to let him go. Her pulse quickened the longer he looked at her with those incredible eyes of his. Every inch of her felt that stare.

“Are you sure this is what you want?” he questioned, his hands holding firm on her waist and his eyes holding firm on hers.

Ada didn’t trust her voice to come out as any more than a squeak. The heat of his body and grasp of his hands on her waist drove any words she knew out of her brain. So instead she took off his cap and tossed it on the table beside her. She entwined her fingers behind his neck to pull him closer and erased the distance between his lips and her own.

The chemistry that was always there between them now felt miniscule compared to the chemistry in that single, fleeting kiss. With the gentle brush of her lips, she told him exactly what she wanted and what she wanted was him, no matter where that took her.

As soon as their lips separated she kissed him again, this time taking her time. It wasn’t an all powerful kiss as she was much too inexperienced for that, but it more than confirmed that she wasn’t about to turn back. That familiar shiver danced up her spine and clouded her brain. It was one she felt every time he looked at her with those perfectly soft yet playfully mischievous eyes of his.

Ada opened her eyes and saw his staring at her lips, felt his thumb trace the outline of her lower lip.

“What the hell are you doing to me, Ada?” he questioned. But Tom didn’t wait for her answer before her captured her in a kiss that set fire to her body.

This kiss was not fleeting or gentle. Raw need collided with a forbidden desire they’d tried their best to ignore. The feel of his lips moving greedily against hers knocked the air from Ada’s lungs and the thoughts from her brain. Her lips parted for him and Tom took the offer without a moment’s hesitation. Kiss after kiss she felt herself lose all control. Moans escaped from her lips and her hands travelled up his shirt to pull him closer in a demanding sort of urgency.

Lust burned into her brain, causing everything else around her to disappear. The need for more of him ran through her veins and caused Ada to deepen every kiss as her body arched into him. She needed him; anything and everything he was willing to give. Her heart craved this moment for longer than she wanted to admit and her body was responding to him in ways she couldn’t seem to control.

Tom left one last kiss on her lower lip before breaking his lips away from hers and let out a heavy breath that she took in as her own.

It wasn’t until Tom wiped the tears from her face that she realized she was crying. He kissed the remaining ones away. “I’m so sorry, Ada.”

“I don’t need you to be sorry,” Ada whispered as his mouth caught a tear on her chin. “I just need you to stop doing stupid shit.”

Tom let out an airy laugh against her neck, the facial hair on his cheek tickling her skin. “I’ll do my best.”

Ada pulled him in closer, groaning at the feel of his mouth traveling up her neck. “And maybe be a little sorry,” she admitted. “And kiss me. You definitely need to kiss me.”

It took Tom’s mouth less than a second to find hers. His lips molded perfectly against hers and so did his body somehow. Everything about them fit together like perfect puzzle pieces to two different puzzles, two pieces that shouldn’t connect.

Ada kissed him then, desperate to put his mind and heart at ease. She kissed him with all the love she had for him until she felt his stiffened body relax and pull her closer, kissing her back.

With one hand, he held her waist, with the other hand, he held her own, lacing their fingers together. He kissed her until the world around them disappeared, leaving only them. His lips moved against hers softly and with a slowness that took in each moment.

Her body pressed against his, his heart beating rapidly against her body. His mouth deepened the kiss for a moment, the passion finding its way into the gentle kisses, before he kissed her one last time on the lips before placing another on her cheek.

“I wish I didn’t have to stop kissing you,” he said quietly before placing another small kiss on her neck.

“But you have to go.”

“I have to go,” he confirmed. He brought their entangled fingers up to his lips and pressed his lips against her hand. “See you in a little while.”

Ada sulked when she realized she didn’t have much of an argument. “I was trying to play it cool.”

Tom pulled her down towards him. “And how did that go for ya?”

“I found out that I’m not very cool,” Ada said, finally admitting her defeat.

Tom pressed his grinning lips against hers and her mood immediately shifted at the small act. His legs shifted her upwards with ease, deepening the playful kiss and turning it into something far more seductive and needy. While one of his hands grasped the back of her head to pull her closer yet, the other moved to the small of her back, his fingertips sliding beneath the waist of her jeans only for a moment before returning to her back.

The feel of his touch against her bare skin sent shivers through her body and she yearned for its return.

He released her from the kiss and dropped his head back against the bed.


My… /fans self

That wasn’t just a kiss anymore, what are you doing to us. :joy:

Not bad. I mean, I somehow doubt I would think so much stuff while I’m at it, but it definitely helps with the build-up and suspense. Cool stuff. ^^


It’s helpful to see how people go about it in different ways. I love writing kissing scenes, but I’m always nervous when I write the first one between two character’s. With this book, it’s a very slow burn with a building friendship. Reader’s were waiting for that moment for twenty chapters, watching the character’s do their best to ignore their feelings and resist temptation, so I really had to deliver. It’s kind of scary when you build everything up and finally have to deliver.

But you are definitely right. In real life, our brain’s would be clouded. That’s why I enjoy writing so much. You can twist real life situations to your will.


I find them really hard to write too. I’m in a long distance relationship so whenever i write kiss scenes i get kinda sad and lonely BUT the first kiss is probably the most overrated thing. It is never good.
Has anybody had a good first kiss with all the fireworks?
What makes a good kiss is i think feeling comfortable and in the moment because if you feel awkward the kiss will probably turn awkward.


One piece of advice: make sure to write abput the emotions and not just the physical description. I want to know how the character or characters feel, not just physically.


I actually did, yeah. :smiley:

But I think it really depends on how long you’ve known each other already, how much time you take and so on. I get the doubts, since it’s often so over the top and romanticized in, well, romance, but it’s not impossible, either. ^^

Seconding @ObsidianRainbow’s remark to focus on the feelings, as well! This is super important. I’ve read very realistic sex scenes in terms of the actual physical stuff for example, but if it’s JUST that, I might as well watch porn. :sweat_smile:


Sometimes less is more.
Honestly describing the physical act of kissing is a major turn off for a lot of people. It’s not a delicate sort of thing and tends to be sloppy and messy at best.

Maybe focus more strongly the emotions of the characters. Trust me. The audience will care far more about that then whatever lip gymnastics your characters are doing.


I couldn’t have said that better myself about sex scenes. If there’s no emotion in it it’s basically just smut or erotica (good erotica can have emotions), and it’s not even necessary to include it in a story if it’s not showing us emotions or character development.