Known issues


1. MDC ability to design threads [will not be done before end of test]

2. If we move forward, determine what happens with old threads [will be done before end of test]

3. Pagination possible? Otherwise, long posts load erratically for users [will not be done before end of test]

4. Navigation: users should be able to navigate from bottom of post away from post to other parts of site on mobile. User should also be able to simply ‘go to top’ of post when at bottom or ‘go to latest’ when at top of post. [will be done before end of test].

5. Test more on dark (icons that don’t work, etc) [will be done before end of test]

6. More definition between rows in threads [resolved]

7. On mobile, compose/reply takes up whole screen [will be done before end of test]


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For number 4, on pc web (I"m sure you probs already know this :sweat_smile:) , to get to the top of the thread, all you have to do is click the title at the top (pic 1), and it will take you to the first post, and to get back to where you were, click “back” (pic 2).


@xkaydotx Back doesn’t show for me on the web. But I just tried the clicking on the header and it does work :smiley: though it probably needs to be more obvious :laughing:

@uncleL For navigation, would it be possible to add the post # to the posts? I JUST figured out how to jump to post number on the web (it pops up once you open a comment box) and knowing which post is which might help navigate the infinite scroll. Right now with the scroll bar it can be hard to tell which post is which # when there are several small posts in a row. So if want to reply to multiple posts at a time, instead of scrolling up and down until I find the ones, I could jump to that post # and reply to multiple posts in a single reply (I have a feeling that’s not making sense :laughing:)

Just trying to think of every possible way that we could get infinite scroll livable by adding as much navigable features (even redundant ones) as possible. The more ways people have to get around, the happier they’ll be I think.


And i apologize if I keep repeating myself on suggestions. I’m losing track of what I have and haven’t said :laughing:


I see what you mean about the “back” not appearing. It doesn’t appear on this thread, so I’m thinking there must be a certain amount of posts in a thread before it appears.


It doesn’t appear until 50 posts


I tried it on the counting thread and don’t get it there either. I have it on my phone, but not on the web.


Oh that’s because on the web you have the mini scroll bar. It’s only available on mobile


I can see it on pc web, though.


Are you putting your mouse in a specific spot? I’ve swished it around the entire scroll bar and nothing pops up. (I’m PC, Firefox)


Hmm, now it’s gone. I’ve a theory, can you post a number on the counting thread? It may only appear when there are new messages at the bottom? (I use Chrome)




I think your theory might be correct. I saw it for a split second with new posts but it went away before I could click on it :laughing:


Yup! Just saw it! So I think there has to be new messages.

Edit: Confirmed, it only appears when there are new messages! :smile:


So at least it’s there, that’s good to know. But a full time back/top button would probably be more practical.


Yes! It would be a lot more practical.


also have to fix this coloring (make reply load white background):


Issues that I have Come Across

  • RobotAmbassador says that it will take 24 hours for a post to delete; however, it now takes 72.
  • When changing the theme of the threads (dark/light/normal) the screen goes into a text HTML form until a refresh.
  • RobotAmbassador advanced user tutorial has the user create a poll; however, the user is not allowed to create a poll for some time. This is slightly confusing.
    • Perhaps remove the restrictions of age in RobotAmbassador messages?
  • “Hide Details” seems to be more like an option for yourself in looking, as if to hide details in the menu you just opened.
    • Perhaps rename to “Create Dropdown”
  • This is more of a personal grievance. But an option to hide the “Latest” on the home page. It just takes to the forum subject it is under and makes it cluttered.
  • Replies appear in both the hidden reply dropdown (which is awesome) and separate on their own which makes the former useless.
    • I may be blind to some option though that forced this.

I’ll add to this post as I come across more errors/annoyances. Apologies if this is not the right spot.