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hello there! I make cover because I'm bored and tired of having lots of things to do tehehe c:
I made cover long time ago, like 2-3 years ago. so I want to start doing it again!
So, you can request any kind of cover. But let me tell you that minimalist isn't my strength.
So, start to request! I will do fake request for practice and if you are doing fake, please give a comment about it to improve myself!


Real or Fake request:
Story Summary:
Anything Else:


For Real: Credit on your story that I make it. And let me know if you are going to use it or no! Don't leave me hanging c:
For Fake: Give me a comment on after I finish your request to improve my skill!



Hi! I love your covers! Do you make covers for stories that haven’t been published yet? :slight_smile:


Same question!!

@_aena13 @breathingchemicals yes :3


Real, but its yet to be published
Title:- Crystal bond
Author:- Aena
Genre:- it’s still under works but mostly based on feminism with a touch of romance and mystery
Colours:- Any
Ideas:- A princess, her lady bodyguard of her mother’s age and a prince…these 3 are must
Story summary:- A princess is in despair when her marriage is arranged to a prince by her stepmother. She escapes but is brought back by a lady who inturn asks to be her bodyguard as reward from her stepmother.
Together, she helps the princess grow into a better person all the while protecting her from foes and her stepmother.

do you have something else in mind as the idea? Maybe like the color scheme, background, or example of cover you want to see?

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Real or Fake request: Real

Title: The Truth About Us

Author: Janelle Grace

Genre(s): Romance (teen fiction, ya romance type of vibe)

Colours: Cool toned, blues, light/olive greens,

Idea(s): A picture of a couple or a guy and girl best friends on the front. Preferably faceless, but it’s not that big of a deal! I would like for the overall vibe to be very simple yet detailed cover -esque haha

Story Summary: Delilah and Reid have been best friends for as long as they can remember. Delilah has always been the shy quiet one deemed freak, while Reid was the star quarterback and wanted nothing more than to play in the NFL. Them along with their friend group, grew up with an elite and wealthy lifestyle, due to all of their parents growing up the same and being able to provide for them just as they were. With college around the corner, Delilah wants to break out of her shell and try things she hasn’t done before in their senior year. Reid isn’t too keen of the idea, but wants to support her more than anything. With new tasks and challenges at hand as they mature, relationships are broken and mended, people aren’t who you may think they are, and the two learn more about their truths, and what it means to coexist with new kinds of feelings for one another.

Anything Else: Thank you so much if you choose to accept my request! Payment will be completed ASAP, and this is kind of the main idea or example I had for the cover:


I just want it to be colourful depicting love…
A mother’s love for her child, by protecting her in disguise and a Prince’s love for her princess cuz these 3 are main characters and I want them in the cover!!!

I saw you already make a thread and like someone’s cover. Do you still need me to make one? c:

What do you think? c:

(drag image in new tab to enlarge)
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I love it but could you probably change the font and the lower orange to something else??:sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

you mean change the color or lower the orange banner?

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yes please :frowning: I just want to keep my options open if that’s okay with you


Real or Fake request: Real

Title: Of Literature and Kisses

Author: Jasmine Greene

Genre(s): Forbidden Romance

Colours: I would like some blue for sure, and maybe brown and white if you think it goes well.

Idea(s): https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/51y8spbkFZL.jpg I really love the basic look of this cover. Essentially I would like a couple where the focus is not really their face. They both have brown hair. The story is posted on my page and you can see my inspiration for the main female character. Also, I would like the font to be very legible and easy to read. A simple romantic cover. If you’re inspired to put something kind of bookish/literary in it that’s nice too. Thank you!

Story Summary: Cece is a sweet and intelligent high school senior with a troubled past. She had a crush on her young and handsome english teacher two years ago, and now he’s returned in her senior year, but they must try to battle against their growing feelings. Especially when a dangerous admirer is threatening Cece’s safety and no one but Mr. Gallagher can help her.

hey, is it okay if the setting is on winter or something? c:

ah, it’s okay, I thought you already choose someone’s work c:

Yes, please!!!

what you want me to change? is it the color or make it disappear, or lower it? c:

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If you could probably disappear it and also if you could change the font!! :sweat_smile:

What do you think? can do changes if you want c:

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