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the lumi shrinededicated to one lumi (@astrophile) in remembrance of the day they saved this thread from total ruin.

You’re the best, lumi. :lumi:

SLEEP TIMES CHART (discontinued)
First Week
Date Sleep Wake Hours
Sept. 16 4:50am
6h 25min*
Sept. 17 5:30am 2:45pm 9h 15min
Sept. 18 4:35am 12:40pm 8h 5min
Sept. 19 10:30am 2:30pm 4h
Sept. 20 4:30am 2:50pm 10h 20min
Sept. 21 6:55am 3:50pm 9h 5min
Sept. 22 8:00am 4:00pm 8h

Second Week
Date Sleep Wake Hours
Sept. 23 4:05am 1:55pm 9h 50min
Sept. 24 4:00am 2:00pm 10h
Sept. 25 7:30am 12:20pm 4h 50min
Sept. 26 4:00am 3:00pm 11h
Sept. 27 3:30am 11:15am 7h 45m
Sept. 28 9:00am 3:30pm 6h 30min
Sept. 29 9:00am 3:45pm 6h 45min

Third Week
Date Sleep Wake Hours
Sept. 30 6:00am 12:00pm 6h
Oct. 1 6:00am 7:00am 1h* (lots of unrecorded naps)
Oct. 2 - - -
Oct. 3 5:30am
Oct. 4
Oct. 5
Oct. 6
- - -

Fourth Week
Date Sleep Wake Hours
Oct. 7
Oct. 8
Oct. 9
Oct. 10
- - -
Oct. 11 10pm
15h 45min
Oct. 12 4:30am 9:00am 4h 30m
Oct. 13 2:30am 2:15pm 11h 45min


Crimes and Crime Fighters

Why, thank you.

It’s about time I had my own. xD

I had to withdraw from the Keeping Tabs thread.

I wish I could say it’s for a good reason, but it’s really not. My guardian has been coming down from her bedroom to stay in the kitchen a lot in the past few days, and I really can’t open social media or Google Docs while she’s in the same room.

I can go online for only 3 hours now, during the time when she goes to bed.

I always feel obligated to scroll through the 200+ messages people sent in threads while I was away, yet my logic tells me that I have no reason to read through so much random chatter.

One of the things I miss from the old clubs is the column on the right side containing easy-access links to all your subbed threads.

Sure, the search feature is there, but it doesn’t work for hidden threads.

Kind of why I made this one; going through the on-site bookmarks to find my hidden threads and ramble there is too much effort. At least this one is a search bar away.

Of course there’s the browser bookmark option. Can’t use that though. Why? Reasons. But if I could I would.

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I see code. I enter.

Welcome. :lumi:

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Thank you.

Also, were the Elgin references intentional?

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Hmmm I don’t think so. xD

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Maybe you were subconsciously thinking of Elgin. :eyes:

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Maybe, maybe.

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So… what were you up to before I interrupted?

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Just some random thinking, nothing very important.

Oh, and being attacked by fleas. My room seems to have been re-infested with the pests.

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I thought I was rid of them. Just goes to show you can’t be rid of fleas in a household with 9 cats.

Why my aunt insists on keeping so many, I have no clue. Half of these cats we don’t even notice.

She uses the excuse that my cousin would guilt-trip her. Not good enough. I mean seriously, these pets are a massive drain on our finances, not to mention they’re useless.

The only thing they’re good for is amusement.

Well… enjoy, I suppose.

That doesn’t sound good. o.o

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Thinking is always enjoyable. Especially now that I can voice my thoughts. xD

Yep, it’s horrible. Good thing they stay on the floor; for some reason they can’t reach the closet or the beds.

If they stay on the floor, they’re easier to kill with diatomaceous earth.

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