Lab Experiment?!


My profile says under my name “Lab Experiment” what does that mean??? O.O


It’s the title that replaced Test Group.


Oh, okay. I just noticed it and I had no clue what it was XD


It means that your body is not your own. It has never been yours. You’ve been part of this experiment for as long as you’ve lived.

Just kidding. Or… am I? :lumi:

The SUPER Secret Society of People Who Want to Run Away and Live in the Woods 2



I’m a blue bunny. I think we all know what kind of experiments I’ve gone through. I’m radioactive.


I’m a ghostly girl…I think I may have failed the experiment…


Well clearly I’m the real winner here.


Giant pie? :rofl:


My sister says we need help XD


I have no tags. I am just normal. Clearly this is a sign.


Perhaps you’re helping the ones behind this! Traitor! :exploding_head:


Well, i think I’m fine for now…

Edit - Wait… I just noticed I has lab experiment too. NNNNOOOOOOOO!!!


And you’re just regular. Apparently, you’re a type of coffee.


I would if there are any Mochas around them? lol. Or latte’s…


Why are the writings blurred in your post JMills? What function is it?


Wait. I am? :exploding_head:


If you click on the cog at the end of the tab in your message you construct, it shows an option for you to blur out. You highlight the text you want to blur, then choose the blur option :wink:

It’s kind of a spoiler thing. It’s kind of kewl


Thanks. I am confused. Why do we use it? Can anyone see the content? Why do people blur what they write? I thought a moderator did it


You use it in case there’s spoilers. Or possible offensive stuff. You just click on the blurred thing and it’ll show you the text :slight_smile: