LADIES! I'll write about your bad encounters with assholes! Give me your stories.

To all the girls out here who’ve been treated badly by assholes who didn’t have balls enough to be kind, share your stories and I’ll make them into short stories.

I recently had a couple of bad encounters with guys, and so did my friends. I figured why not share them with each other? Us girls are supposed to have each others backs when these things happen.

This thought struck me recently - after a real bad Friday night out.

What if I attempt to collect stories from girls who’ve met some serious douchebags out there. It could be anything from humiliating you publicly to bad breakups.

Plan is to collect each short story in a chapter.

Please feel free to send me any submissions you have, I’d love to write about them!

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Asking if I’m on birth control pills when I’m only fourteen years old and I’m really just a classmate. He attempted to open my handbag then to figure it out.
He then asked me if I’m on my period and was like “why don’t we go to the library together?” it was 5 p.m. the school was closed and there was only one explanation for this.

He kept getting closer until I told him to fuck off, he then went for an easier target. I regret not slapping him or kicking him in the balls.

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Ugh what an ass! There’s so many times I wished I’d hurt someone doing stuff like that! Go you for telling him to go fuck off!

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