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These threads are for helper ads / offers only. PLEASE do not chat or ask questions in these threads. You are welcome to start an exchange per PM or tagging to another thread for example.

This thread is for those who are willing answer questions and do reads or translations of languages they are fluent in. Be specific about what you are willing to do - sentences, paragraphs, chapters, or whole stories. For translations note the directions you will go - i.e. English > Spanish or Greek > Italian. Also mention any situations / themes / scenes that you aren’t willing to do - i.e. violence, sex, murder, etc.


I can answer questions about German and Dutch, whether it be pronunciation, grammar or something else…
I’m also willing to read your texts, though limited to one chapter. Scenes I will not read through are sex and self-harm scenes.

I can help in Arabic if anyone is interested. Translating and questions. I have no problem.


I can answer questions about Dutch if needed. I’m starting my Master’s in Translation in September 2019, so I know a thing or two about good translations. Although I wouldn’t know why anyone would want to use Dutch in their stories :joy:


Any fluent french speakers willing to help a girl out? If this isn’t aloud, just delete. Thanks regardless.

Hi. My first language is French, but I can also help with English.

Fluent with Bengali and Hindi. Ask me

My first language in urdu and i kinda started writing my story in english.I dont know if its good or not

I’m a non-native but professionally proficient Arabic speaker, with experience in language learning and in teaching Arabic as a second language. Let me know if I can be of help to anyone.

I can help you with anything regarding French or France ahah don’t hesitate to send a message !

I can help with Bangla :slightly_smiling_face:

I can help with the world’s youngest and smallest national language, Afrikaans.

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Hi :slightly_smiling_face:

I can translate your story from English into German and the other way around. German is my native language though so English > German is easier.

I can answer your specific questions about German or the culture or translate anything from sentences to whole stories :blush:


Although English is my first language, I lived my entire life in Japan and went to Japanese schools. Fluent in the language.

I can help with Japanese spelling in roman lettering, knowing your way around the train systems, how elementary schools, junior high schools, and high schools work, and even mundane things like grocery checkouts, about Valentine’s Day or White Day, etc.

Although I went to a private junior high school and a private high school so my knowledge on public schools is limited, and I don’t watch much television, just to let you know.

Feel free to message me :blush:


I can answer questions about all things Russian. Also if you need some worm’s-eye view of life in New York City, I can do that.

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I can help anyone out with French

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I can help out with Polish.

Oh, I can also help out with Swiss German :joy::joy::woman_shrugging:

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I can help out with Danish :denmark: and Faroese :faroe_islands: for all the Nordic fans!


I can help in English-French translation since I’m French :smile: