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title: Beneath the Grey
author name: Lillie R
ideas: a boy looking at us smiling or hold a rose, or looking down looking puzzled.
colours/theme: baby blue, grey // intense, discovery, acceptance, and struggle that lies beneath the surface.

anything else: thank you for giving this a shot if you do! I appreciate it

Title The Beauty and The Beast
Author Emmybear00
Ideas/Theme A female with a red cloak(or any color) with a little mystery to her. Kinda dark yet light mood

title: Paper Skin

author name: Laura Ann Lee


ideas: I really enjoy your cover “The Boy who broke mirrors” and “Lover” and was hoping to get something similar. I would like James Scully and Bridgit Mendler or Zac Efron and Camila Cabello (I prefer the first two). You have full creative freedom

colours/theme: Gloomy/Some vibrancy

anything else: Thank you.

Title: Wilting Roses
Author name: Pari C.
Ideas: A rose that’s burning/ rotting away? or a couple’s silhouette against the northern lights
Theme: I like very clean and minimalist covers with no fancy shmancy stuff, so maybe we can keep it light?
Anything else: Thank you for trying this, if you do :slight_smile:

Title: Mr Fame and I
Author name: R_Ali_C15
subtitle: Is it possible to fall in love when you’re running from it?
Ideas: It’s set in London, so an eye catching dusk iconic London setting would be ideal. Also two people showing some kind of romantic relationship e.g kissing, holding hands facing away. They’re both about 18 and the girl has red hair, so if you can’t find red hair could you just make sure it’s too dark for the colour to be seen please. No famous people please!
Colours/themes: For the text of 'Mr Fame’ Red, but a different colour for ‘And I’. Dark colours too, Romance and Mystery.

I get it’s specific so just reply if you can’t do it. But if you can THANKYOU!!

@blushings accepted c:

@EmmyBear00 hi sorry but don’t think i’ll be able to do this one ! sorry

@Moxxxii hi accepted !

@pretentiousQ hi, i’ll give this a go c:

@R_Ali_C15 hello, i’ll give this one a go for you !

title: Riot
author name: Elaine MacPherson
subtitle*: A violent disturbance.
ideas: flames/explosions, bit of American flag
colours/theme: dark!
anything else: The story is about a post-war world where the government tries to rebuild, but a group of rebels won’t let it happen.

@blushings here’s your cover c: please let me know if you will use this or not, thanks !


@pretentiousQ here’s your cover c: please let me know if you will use this or not, thanks !


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title: Wounded

author name: Laura Ann Lee


ideas: I was thinking the cover could be something similar to “beneath the grey” but more of a look like this, this , or thisI would prefer the main character to be Mila Kunis or Scarlett Johansen (blonde); also add bruises and scars on her body. Redness under her eyes.

colours/theme: Dark/Gloomy

anything else: Thank you

Title: Chasing The Wind
Author: Jessie G.
Ideas: Full creative freedom but I want the people to be Kieran Shipka and Tom Holland
Colours/ Themes: I guess pastel colors
anything else: btw its a peter parker fanfiction tysm

Hi, while the cover is great, it does not quite fit what I had in mind. My apologies for not making it clear that the story is about a middle aged couple.

title: Moira & Nora
author name: Seth Waylin
ideas: I envision this as a font-based cover (the M and N in the names larger than the rest but all caps y’know), with the background a conglomeration of clashing colors. Maybe like gold/yellow in the upper corner with “Moira” which collides with a blue section containing “Nora,” and possibly their names in a silvery color? Honestly, I trust your judgment on what to do.
colours/theme: ^stated above, rather bright colors
anything else: This is a superhero-type story focused on the two main characters, Moira (more quiet, gentle but capable of wielding golden light, enjoys dancing) and Nora (harsher, more withdrawn and icy, has a third eye, lots of raven/crow imagery with her), so if you wanna play with those things too, I’m real down. If you think you can do it, I thank you very much in advance! If not, I completely understand. :slight_smile:

hey! are you still doing covers?
if you remember me, i’m the same person whose cover you once made (cliche, cliche everywhere) i was wondering can you make me another one (for some other book) since i absolutely love your work.

title: Neither
author name: Zalayell Short
subtitle*: The Souls of Tomorrow
ideas: A city floating in the clouds
colours/theme: gold and white with a pop of black contrast

title: Enigma
author name: Hollie A
subtitle*: Maybe the key wasn’t finding out why she jumped, maybe it was finding out who pushed her.
ideas: okay, so the book is based off a suicide so it’s a pretty heavy story. I was thinking something based off that, i.e. maybe some water (as she jumps from a cliff) and the title as the center point of the cover? or a girl behind a frosted window looking out, or a girl running/jumping from a cliff or a picture of a girl’s hair in the wind. I’m sorry if these are too vague, I can always find some pics as inspiration but your example cover ‘still cold’ is the vibe I am going for.
here are some cover inspo ideas:
one, two, three.
colours/theme: dark, thriller, mystery feel
anything else: thanks my love!

Title: Back For Revenge
Author name: Joanna Grey
Subtitle: Women were meant to rule the world
Ideas: A girl pointing a gun forwards, so kinda like the transporter kinda like vibes
Colours/theme: purple, red and black
anything else: thanks for making this for me btw :innocent: :white_heart: