LBGT+ Problems


I bet


Name: see username
Age: 25
Gender: NB ( I really don’t like to label my gender)
Sexuality: Straight up lesbian. I tried to be attracted to guy but nada.
Which part of LGBT you are: Of coz the L .Proud to be. (in the closet though)


Name Aubrey
Age 13
Gender (or preferred pronouns) not sure
Sexuality gay
Which part of LGBT you are


Name: Serenity
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Gay
What part of LGBT are you: L ( in the closet)


shrugs nonbinary people can be lesbians. I think you’re okay.

On a related note I’ve been calling myself Sapphic since I have the exact same hang-up that you do about “lesbian”




i could actually use some advice


yh sure