Let authors delete comments from stories.

This would help a lot. Even if the user is deleted.

I think you can.

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Yeah, you can. I don’t know how on phone, but on desktop, you need to be on the story chapter part page, not the comment page, and ‘delete’ will appear as an option when you click the three dots by a comment.


As it has been mentioned above, it is a feature that should be available for you.

If it isn’t, it’s likely a glitch. Please report it here: https://support.wattpad.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

I’ve had to do it myself, so it’s possible.

Some weird dude kept making references to pedophilia and such, so I cut them to distance myself from them and such. It’s kind of annoying.


I erased someone who was making comments to change parts of my story the way a drunk football fan would scream at the quarterback on TV. It’s a nice feature : )


That is the best description. It’s good to see you again, lol.

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M.S.! Dig the new avatar image. Your Noah and Bobbi are still on my list and I’ve got a long weekend (thanks to a no-travel Thanksgiving) to get back in. So good to hear from you : )

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Thank ya, thank ya. I love hearing how interested you are and I hope you enjoy where it’s lead since you last read it.
I’ve got a list myself of Fall/Winter reads to start and as soon as Dec 1st hits, I’m on it. Yours is high up and I’ve seen your numbers rising. I can’t wait to indulge.

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: ) There’s not a proper emoji to tell you how nice it is to read what you wrote here. You’re old-school, too cool and directly connected to the proper currents, M.S. : ) Hope you have a good Thanksgiving if you celebrate it - and, if not, I hope you have a peaceful and productive day off.

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Wow, that is a compliment if I ever read one. You’re too kind for the likes of this world, C.S.
I too hope you enjoy your holiday and/or productive day off. :smiley:

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