let me be your bartender


hi, i’m new here and i’m trying to find any friends or people to randomly talk with. i’m at this point of life where i dropped one studies (IT), i’m working as a bartender and i’m currently trying to prepare for architecture entrance exams.

you can call me charlie, dzibril, gabe (i know those two are almost the same) or anything in between; i used to read lots of fantasy books, now i mainly read manga (recently went through isekai phase, drifting to chinese reincarnation manhua and currently i’m all in reincarnation manhwa) and draw, while still having problems posting my works anywhere. of course, i also write (no shit sherlock), currently working on fantasy story full of LGBT characters, cause i’m also one of them (lol)
if you think your language is interesting, i probably also think so. i’m beginner in french (6 years of school education…) and i know some words in japanese (probably few more than casual manga fan, but i can’t be sure), but my main unrequited love is finnish.

im open for… truly, anything right now. i’m a gamer with love-hate relationship with games, bartender for more than a year now (if you need to know something, i probably can answer) and certified lover for anything you would find interesting. any random facts welcome, you never know what would be useful in someone’s else story.

now, what would you like to drink?


Hii! Welcome to Wattpad :blush:

Should I introduce myself now or order something? :sweat_smile:

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honestly anything is welcomed here :herb: i would just love to hear from ppl about anything at all, even though it’s my job to do so, ahahah.
also, i honestly just want to meet ppl to look up to or anything, or to have way into community :sweat_smile:


Okay, so, I’m a maths student and I write to get away from numbers and functions xD I like fantasy the most, but I’m willing to read other genres too. I’m a terrible critic, I basically like everything I read. I also like languages (I studied English, German, Italian and French).
And I’m pretty bad at writing so I’m definitely not the person you should look up to xD


hey gabe

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you know that i used to miss math lessons? probably because i got things there done so fast, i could actually even fall asleep there XD
but hey, it’s not like liking everything is by any means bad, i mean you still can like some things more, right?
come on, english is not even my first language, i can’t say anything about being any good at it XD what’s your first language then?


hello there, want a drink~?


yes, hit me with the strongest you’ve got.


you want a strong drink, strong alcohol or just a kind punch in a face, 'cause i probably can use your words against you? xD


I agree, but I have trouble deciding what I like more xD
What about yours?


WOW. You want to punch me? I thought we had an understanding, Gabe. Clearly I was wrong.
still love your name tho


I’ve always wanted to visit Croatia but I’m stuck over here in Britain :[


you know that way of deciding where you put two similarly liked things next to each other, or have a bot choose one of them, and then you either agree or disagree with it - that way you know what you like more xD
ooh, i’ve been to croatia twice, long ago. what probably surprised me the most was chocolate milk in happy meal sets XD is it still a thing?
polish here, not like im any proud

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hahah, don’t get me wrong and no, i do not want to punch you. it’s kind of an old joke between bartenders, about a guy who comes into a bar and says to bartender “surprise me!” and in response bartender hits him, asking “surprised?”. not a personal thing, hahah
thank you <3

would you take some long island ice tea on the house then?

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I hope you’ll come one day :smiley:
Nature is just beautiful!
Oh I love everything British! And I’ve got family in London :smiley:


I do have a favorite book, but most of them I don’t really even want to rank. I like them all xD

Wow cool!
Umm I think so :sweat_smile:


Yee-haw :]
I’ve always wanted to experience bartending since some people can do these wild tricks with bottles when I can’t even hold something without dropping it


kind of understand that, i have lots of books and wouldn’t want to put them “on the list”, haha
hahahah, really? tbh i really loved it, even through i was so surprised back then. oh god, i have to come back there some time soon, i miss june sky there and clear sea~

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Oh yeah, the sea is the best!!

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i’m that kind of person which drops things without even touching them, i can’t even count the number of glasses i broke at work (only one bottle through, thank gods); i only know maybe two people who really can do flair and both of them worked really hard… and i still have a photo of my friend’s floor after he tried some fun with bottles, acting like sound of breaking glass was just part of the show XD

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