Let me draw your characters! :)


Hey guys! :smile_cat:

I’m super invested in drawing as much as I am writing atm. I’ve mostly been doing sketches, seeing as I don’t have and can’t afford an artist tablet right now… however, I discovered Inkscape and realised I can actually have quite a bit of fun drawing with just my mouse and the tools there!

I’m still learning how to use it properly but would love to try and draw some characters out there as I learn. If you’re interested, read on!


  • You must fill out the form correctly and to the fullest that you can. Give plenty of details to help me create the right character for you, otherwise I might wind up denying.
  • Include password.
  • Payment must be completed AFTER I accept but before I begin working on your sketch.
  • There will be no rudeness tolerated.
  • You must be patient.
  • I can accept and deny ANYONE I want to. I will always give a reason. If I feel like I won’t be able to sketch your character, I will be honest and will happily point you in the direction of other more capable artists on Wattpad.
  • I will only be doing FEMALE characters, not male.


  • Character name:
  • Character age:
  • Appearance: please make sure you add here references and pictures if you can, everything from a freckle to a cowlick, don’t leave anything out so I can do the best that I can, including clothes
  • Personality:
  • Anything you particularly want: for example, smiling, fighting stance, powers, angry, crying, etc
  • Anything else:
  • Password:


  • 3 inline comments on my story, Radioactive, chapter five.
  • A follow

I’m super excited to see what you guys come up with. I will make sure there is a queue put up and I will keep you updated as much as I can (password: chookity-pah).

Examples posted below


:heart: Queue :heart:

  1. @HEEdwards {completed}
  2. @Vexful {first sketch}






Character name: Audrey
Character age: 16
Appearance: Audrey is tall for her age, with a long face, hollow cheeks, shadows under her eyes and thin lips. She’s very pale with a pink undertone, while her eyes are an unsaturated blue. Her nose is straight and pointed. Her hair is long and very straight with a center parting, light brown/mousy colour. Her frame is very thin, but she has a little muscle.

For clothes, she either wears oversized overalls with a grey elbow length shirt and work boots, or a Victorian style dress (quite plain and dirty, probably pale blue) with a long burgundy trench coat.
Personality: She’s smart, observes people and is surprisingly good at acting. While generally quiet, she can be a little rash and fast to act.
Anything you particularly want: It would be cool to see her leant against a wall with a raised eyebrow. Possibly with her arms crossed.
Anything else: Basically, she’s a poor orphan that works as a government informant; she’s quite malnourished. Here’s some references:
coat over vic%20dress

Password: chookity-pah


Please complete payment and I’ll add you to the queue ^^


Payment complete


Fantastic! Sorry for slow reply, got caught up finishing a drawing of a friend (I posted it above!)
I’ll get started now, will probably be done in a day or so, depending on how well it goes… I’ll keep you posted :slight_smile:


:heart: delivery :heart:

So the first one wound up looking a little… odd, but I thought I would show you them both. Cant believe I’ve sat here for like six hours drawing these! (yikes, its gone 5am here whoops!) I hope its okay that I went with the dungarees and the “dirty work” kind of look. I hope this is something you were looking for and that I haven’t just totally buggered it lol!

If you use them, please credit me :slight_smile: If you DON’T want to use them, PLEASE TELL ME, nothing worse than someone fibbing about something like that! I wont be offended. Heck, I’ll probably try make them better!


If you like both of them, let me know and I can mash 'em together. If you only like one, I can add a background/bit of colour to it if you want. Lemme know!


Girl! So glad this is a thing now!



These are the two that you did before and here’s another reference picture I have that looks a little “meaner” and more cold and I was hoping you might be able to work your magic?



Thank you! I really like the second one. (I’ll probably use it once I’ve started uploading her story. I’ll let you know when that happens)


I don’t suppose you’d mind dropping a few extra comments off at my story? Just because these take HOURS to do, which is initially why I didn’t post on my other thread about them :roll_eyes:
I’ll get started once I wake up a bit more :slight_smile:


Glad you like her! :slight_smile:
Just let me know when you use her!


Ofc I don’t mind! I’m in NY for the day and won’t be on my phone, so I’ll do that tomorrow if that’s okay? :blush:


Absolutely fine with me :slight_smile:
I’mma get started on yours now! ^^


:heart: delivery :heart:

Here you go!
Hope this is to a better standard, took forever lol. If you don’t like it and/or won’t use it, please let me know! Id much rather you were honest :slight_smile: and if you do, please credit me!

Many thanks!






Awhhh I absolutely love this! Gorgeous job!! For payment just let me know what chapter/chapters/how many comments!

Also, hope you wouldn’t mind me putting in another request? :blush: you do a brilliant job!