Let me fix your covers! (full // closed)

I saw someone else doing this in the #story-services category and it looks fun so I’m going to steal their idea lol (I hope that’s okay o.o)

Just post your old cover in a ‘hide details’, a link to your story, maybe what you don’t quite like about it and I’ll try my best at revamping it!

Payment: none but I’ll require a credit in the story description–please credit your old designer too
I have a book I recommend though that is very underappreciated. Please check it out if you’re into satirical fiction like Tom Holt’s and Terry Pratchett’s works!

Also maybe check out our premade thread with over 150 premades up on offer!

No rules or slots atm but I might add them later based on the responses.

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More examples will be added as requests are done. You can also look at some of the stuff here to get an idea of what I can do.
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Closed until I catch up to the most recent request.
no. of requests left: 2

hey, this is the link https://www.wattpad.com/story/227693296-our-bitter-beautiful-lives. And I want the fonts to a bit bigger and clearer. That’s all. https://aws1.discourse-cdn.com/wattpad/original/4X/8/f/e/8feb4e92c5892e59cc0616cefa14894f50178da4.jpeg



Our Bitter, Beautiful Lives

Let me know whether you would like any changes and if you will be using the cover c:

The cover is good, but I just think it doesn’t really matches with the story. I’m so sorry for that reason, but anyways it’s nice.

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Can I turn it into a premade?

Yes, of course!

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Hey! This is a really cool idea <3
So, this is my cover:


Sketching Voices

The thing I don’t like about it is that it is so so so plain. I was going for kind of a simple, cute modern vibe (you see the animation), and this is what I got… I don’t like how white it is, and it just looks boring… (are you able to make the girl’s hair auburn? It’s okay if not, but that’s the color of her hair in the story:) safe to say I’m just going to stick to writing from now on :joy:

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Do you still have the picture of the girl separately?

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Yes, let me find it

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Maybe backpack girl

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Does that work?

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Yeah, I found a larger version c:



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Brilliant! <3

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What kind of background would you like?

I’d like the background to be a solid color. I prefer it to be a cold color, like blue or grey.

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