let’s chat about YOUR Wattpad works!

hello guys, gals, and nom-binary pals, and welcome to this topic, where we’ll be discussing the uniqueness of your own story and what makes it original and awesome!

we’re all here to support each other and our stories, as well as make friends and get feedback — so introduce yourselves and your story, and let’s get this show on the road!

first off, i’m Risen! i’m a teenage sci-fi writer and my current work is called EPOCH, which details a world facing climate change in a time of time travel. an expedition to change the future by going back to the past and facing the dinosaurs and other wonderful antagonists in the Jurassic Period might have a few setbacks …

so, to get you guys thinking about what you’re gonna comment below, use these questions as a guide:

01. what motivates you to write a new chapter of your story each time?

02. have you ever received super harsh criticism? what did you do with this criticism if you received it?

03. what is the most relatable trait in your character(s)?

writing EPOCH, for me, is just ongoing motivation. i love the story and the storyline and i want to finish it in order to edit it and make it even better than it is now. my readers are mostly silent, but their votes leave an impact!

i have indeed received harsh criticism, mostly from people who don’t know what that is. i was told to make some of my words easier to understand for people who are not native English readers and have since dialed down on outrageous terms unless the situation seriously calls for it. most of the other stuff i’ve faced was just petty, to be honest. :woman_shrugging:

i have two main characters — Amelia is a cute, nerdy sort of girl who stands her ground for what she knows is right but is easily reduced to flustered blushes around her crush. i think she’s pretty realistic because she argues with people who don’t share her views and is just a mixture of character traits that i know a lot of people would relate to.

my other MC, Lale, is a bit harder. he’s a marine and there to do his duty, but i think peeps could relate to him because, like all human beings, we get sidetracked and lost along the way of the call of duty. and then we have existential crises. Lale is a walking existential crisis.

anyway, i think i’ve talked enough; how about you guys? ^^

Hi Risen! Thank you so much for this topic!

I’m Duncaen, I’m 26 and I live in France in Normandy (I’m so proud of my region ^^).

First my story which is released on Wattpad is in English is over but each time, I had been writting it, I was curious about its development because sometimes a character which was supposed to die lives etc. (you lnow what I mean)

I’ve received some harsh criticism because as I’m French it was supposed to be written in French not in English so many of my friends refused to read it because of the language.

Then, I think that my story is original because it deals with daily life: it starts Mindy who comes for her children at school and her elder has some homework to do: a genealogy tree. Mindy is not a cop but she has to dig into the past to understand her mother’s reaction. She has too to deal with her marriage with JJ which is not in good day. In a sentence, a thriller with a character which is not a heroe but a realistic character with doubts, laughs, cryings and a family.

  1. Because I want to finish the story. Each new chapter is a step closer to that.
  2. All the time. Depends what it is. If it’s because they don’t like mature stuff or anti-LGBTQ+ I ignore it. They’re not the intended audience.
  3. Yuzuko from Game of Mass Destruction loves matcha!


My name is Patsy!!!

  1. What motivates me to write a new chapter is the scenes to the movies.

  2. I received some criticism, but not as harsh. I deal with the criticism I get.

  3. The most relatable trait in my characters are:
    Strong and independent(Amelia, Gia, Kim, etc…)
    Seductive(Every male character in my story)


1: that I really like writing it, that other people like it, that I really like the subject

2: hell yes. It was with a r4r and it got me into my first writers block

3: I think that she’s insecure about herself but also really happy


Hi Duncaen - that must be hard, switching between the two languages. (insert “I have trouble writing in one language” tired joke here) Why did you decide to write in English?

Hello everyone. Nice to meet you. Thanks @risen_phoenix for opening up this thread. It’s a great idea.

I have been a silent reader here on Wattpad for years and decided recently to write my first story and actually publish it. Imagine that.

My first story is a romantic romp called Ruby Red. Now before you role your eyes, I promise it is a bit different from other stories out there. Okay, only a bit. But it is difficult to define. It is fun and frivolous but then serious and poignant at other times. The MC is 24 yrs old and freshly divorced. Yup, no first times here. It follows Ali Stinson on a journey of discovery as she goes from riches to rags to love.

My motivation is my characters. They are usually whispering in my ear (or yelling) to write their story.

I have received some criticism from a book club where someone who really didn’t want to read my book was forced to read the opening. To say they didn’t like it was an understatement. But, it was good to hear their perspective. It made me want to prove them wrong. What’s that quote about taking the stones people throw at you and building an empire?

As for the most relatable trait, its that which binds us all - having our hearts broken and trying to learn to love again.

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Hi Risen! :wink: I’m Alicia. I’m twenty-two and write in many different genres and between two different target audiences (YA and NA). I’m currently working on a YA sci-fi fantasy novel (the first in a four book series) about a group of soldiers who go on a quest to find a murderous queen (who also has magical powers) and well, basically kill her. xD

When I start a story, I’m always determined to finish it because I’m passionate about the story. I’ve had this series simmering in my head for three, almost four years. I tried to write it oh-so long ago, but it wasn’t working, so I put it on the shelf until I was better at writing. xD

When I first came on Wattpad as a teenager, I had a lot of people critique my work. While they gave me valid advice, I took it all to heart and felt as though I sucked so I cried for a week and wanted to quit writing all together. But I realized that if I wanted to be a writer and get published one day, I had to grow thick skin and take it. So I did. Now, I’m capable of taking any piece of criticism for my work. I take my emotions out of the equation and look at the advice from their point of view: is what they say true? Sometimes yes, sometimes no. I take everything with a grain of salt. If I don’t agree with their advice, I dismiss it. If many people say the same thing, I take a look at it and try my best to improve on it.

I’d say their kind-hearted personality. xD In my previous novel, In the Dark, which was a murder mystery, the main character was a passive-aggressive person and I swear, that is so me. xD

Otherwise, Asher is relatable because he is that nerdy kind of guy. He’s not athletic at all, so he’s really scrawny. He’s handsome, but not like over the top. He’s a total bookworm, too. xD

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Hello all, I’m Ken and my story is a fantasy adventure. I’d like to think that my story is somewhat original, but it’s probably not :sweat_smile: I think maybe the more unique aspects of my novel is that within the fantasy world it explores concepts of political corruption and racism. But that’s still not that unique.

Part of it is my goal to complete my first novel ever. The other part is just the excitement of scenes and writing in general. It feels good to get the ideas out of my head and create (what I hope is) beautiful, impactful chapters.

Nothing too harsh yet, I’m just starting out so plenty of opportunity for some trolls :woman_shrugging:t3: I’ve definitely had some tough love feedback though, it was necessary but any time your work gets torn apart a bit or you realize all the things you tried to fix still didn’t work stings a bit.

Potentially my MC’s insecurity. She is thrown into an entirely new world and expected to take on a large responsibility. She is very aware that she doesn’t know what she is doing and that she doesn’t quite fit in. As the story progresses she begins to find more confidence in her role and her abilities until she accepts who she is and realizes that who she is, is exactly what the world needs.

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Ooh this looks like a fun topic. I like meeting new writers to chat with and read the work of


Hello! I’m Lily, Lilith, whichever. My current Wattpad work is Papillon, the first in the Glints Saga, inspired by the classics of the magical girl genre. Papillon is about a magical girl…five years after saving the world and bringing peace between humankind and the magical beings they called “Outsiders”. Her chance meeting with a butterfly-lady Outsider kindles her curiosity, and might provide her with a way to bring magic back into her life—if it doesn’t risk her friendships with her fellow heroines, the secrets they share, or even the peace she once fought for.

For the questions:

What motivates you to write a new chapter of your story each time?

Because I like the characters, the world I’ve built, the tale I’m telling. Every chapter is a step towards concluding the characters’ arcs, towards them realizing fulfillment and overcoming the obstacles in their way.

Have you ever received super harsh criticism? What did you do with this criticism if you received it?

Oh, yes yes yes. I’d posted the first chapter of Papillon in a writing group, hoping for helpful feedback…and got plenty of very negative responses, saying the whole thing didn’t work.

To be frank, that really, really bummed me out. But two things helped with it.

The first was that, afterwards, I reached out to a few other writing groups with the chapter for opinions and feedback. And, in a sharp contrast, most folks in every other group liked the chapter.

The second was taking a serious look at the negative group’s criticism…and realizing a lot of it was really poor criticism. There were some good points that I did reflect and revise upon, but for the most part, a lot of it stemmed from rigid ideas about how stories have to begin, not getting simple concepts about the setting, or even just ignoring things that contradicted their complaints. And some of the complaints were just plain ridiculous—one person complained about how I’d worded my opening sentence about the main character’s selfies, but their “revision” of it didn’t even get the number of selfies correct. Another person criticized the chapter on the basis that they could conceive of one way the story would go and that the chapter didn’t build up to that. (Take a guess if the story actually goes in the direction they thought.) And one person said that my protagonist, who distances herself from magical stuff because of fear of risking her and her friends’ secrets, should recklessly and pointlessly risk her secret identity being discovered.

Frankly, it taught me a really important lesson: That some people are just not going to like a story, and it’s important to judge feedback based on how much someone wants your story to be the best it can be, rather than simply thinking your story should be a different story altogether.

What is the most relatable trait in your character(s)?

The main character, Faye, is a young woman working an ordinary nine-to-five life, disillusioned with the monotony and banality of adult life and nostalgic about the joy of her teenage years. That’s probably relatable to a lot of people in their twenties and a fear of older teenagers—even if their teenage years weren’t exciting because they were fighting magical beings from another world.

But Papillon is very much a positive and optimistic story about growing up and the passions of your younger years. :3


Hi, Risen :wave:t4:

Ideas usually just come to me but I find being able to go outside and see the world helps with this. I think the fact that I love my story and my characters is a massive influence in why I’ve been able to write the series for the last 7 years.

Ugh. Yes. It was from a troll I had a whole back :roll_eyes: I reported them and deleted the comment

Apparently the way they all react in situations. There’s one who doesn’t care, one who cares too much, one that gets scared, one that’s ready to jump into action, one that does something stupid, etc.

I have 9 protagonists who are led by an anti-hero against the endless amount antagonists. Some even switch sides depending on the situation.

I guess I’ve tried to make my characters seem as human as possible, including all the flaws that come with it (which is ironic cause I don’t have a lot of human characters)


Hello, Risen! I’m Sandcat. I’m 18 years old, autistic, and studying to become a marine scientist. In addition to all that, I love to read and write! My current work, the first chapter of which I will post next Wednesday, is a full rewrite of my dark fantasy series Iron God.

In order to survive genocide and an ice age, the descendants of a lost god must find out who or what is orchestrating the cataclysm, not knowing if it can truly be stopped. The primary protagonists are Zoromon, Azvalath, and Tevorac. Zoromon is a sweet, friendly guy who loves horses. Azvalath is a veteran of many battles and not fond of many people, but he loves Zoromon and will do anything to keep him safe. Tevorac is their unlikely friend — a woman who can’t speak, but possesses great power.

The catch? One of them lying. One of them is an apostle of the Iron God, and no one knows.


Hi everyone!

I’m Fiqa, 13 and live in Sabah, Malaysia.

My story is a romance. And the languange is malay.

My best friends and myself of course.

I haven’t cause my story isn’t popular as yours. My story is read by my friends only.

Azalea is a girl who is pretends to be rude. She doesn’t want people to see her as weak after one tragedy.

Amsyar is a playboy. He likes to have problem with people. He’s like a baby when home.


The lovely comments I get from my readers, especially from readers like @SierraMacKenzie and @lesserknown1. Those encourage me to keep on writing.

Not harsh criticism, but I have had criticism that was hard to swallow. But I used that feedback to better my book and it worked!

The most relatable character trait in Maddie is that she never runs away from a challenge, even when it’s hard.


wow! that’s really cool that you’ve decided to write in a language that is not your native one, and dealt with the haters!

good luck with your story! it sounds really fresh and different compared to other Wattpad works ^^

like many people! :100: for relatable!

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heck yeah!

your story doesn’t sound like others at all, actually — keep going with it! :smiley: it’s actually a fresh perspective for the MC to lose a love in divorce rather than just a high school breakup; probably more in-depth and with a lot more mingled feels.

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that sounds really cool! :00 i’d read the heck out of that.

and here i thought seven months was long :worried:

that’s the best way to look at it, of course! honestly, same here. getting critiques is a great way to … well get critiques, but it’s also a great way to get tough skin. sorry you had to go through that, but if it makes you a better writer, than maybe it was for a better benefit c:

i think this dude’s a lot more realistic than most jock types in Wattpad stories — muscular and brooding and a ‘bad body’.


he sounds adorable! thank you for bringing such a relatable character into this world :,)

aw, don’t beat yourself up! i like to think that some aspects of story can NEVER be unique, because there are a lot of people living in this world with their own ideas and minds. it’s how we use the ideas in the story that’ll be unique, and that concept is hella interesting!

most fantasy adventure stories i’ve read make it seem like the world is a utopia with butterflies and ponies and stuff. that is a fresh take!

keep going! you can make it! :smiley: and i’m pretty darn sure that those chapters are great.

indeed … just ignore those trolls where the come, or, like another person said, take it with a grain of salt!

:100: for character development! it’s so good to hear she doesn’t
stay a mousy insecure person the whole story. good luck to her, and you in writing!

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