Let’s swap stories :)



I’m in need of some new good stories. So let’s swap stories. You tell me your favourites that you’ve written and I tell you mine!


Hello !:smile:

It seems your thread is more suited for the #share-your-story:story-requests Club. I’ve gone ahead and moved it there for you :smile:

Thank you for understanding!

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I’m still writing it but it is called the Ice Princesses and it is my first fantasy novel! You? :slight_smile:


I just checked it out! It looks great — I added it to my reading list and I followed you. It looks so cool!

Mine is…well…complicated. Adventure mixed with a slight fantasy…and general fiction.


I’m actually familiar with your story on WP! I’ve been meaning to leave a proper comment but Life.

I’ve only one story on WP, too (RIGEL) and I don’t know if it’s my fav, but it has such a massive place in my heart and I just need to write it out so I can live the rest of my life in PEACE


Aww you’re so sweet.

And I get it. I have so many ideas…but I have to finish my current story (starrunners) before I start them lol


Hello! I’m 12 days new and just released ch. 11 of my paranormal/occult/vampire fiction called Paranatura. It’s about 23k words so far so I hope to get a few more people to check it out.
It’s still early days!


I’ve just come back to Wattpad after a few years away, and started writing again! I’ve written 10 chapters so far but only posted three, as I’m hoping for some feedback before I continue.
ANY sort of feedback would be appreciated!
link to my story

Two sisters ripped apart by the confines of their kingdom
Two souls seeking freedom from invisible cages
One given a power to shape shift, one who was forgotten by the Gods…
Or so she thought

Lina was stripped of her title in order to fight for her future as a Warrior
Grace was given an opportunity to advance herself as a Lady in waiting
Neither wants what their Empire offers them.

Lina fears her soul and her body will break in her attempt to become a rare female Warrior and conquer her shape shifting ability
Grace fears that life in the Mantiva Court will break her spirit and her mind in her attempt to please her people.

But a prophecy lingers in the shadows between the two sisters, one that neither thinks will come to light. One that states a new evil is about to be unleashed, and one of the girls is it’s ideal host.


Oh my goodness! It looks amazing!! It has been added to my reading list and I’ve followed you. It looks so cool!


OMG thank you so much! Feel free to give any feedback, I really hope you enjoy the story! I have so many ideas for it!




Hello, I love to write in various genres. Paranormal, YA, thrillers, etc. I’ve recently updated my paranormal story–The Supernatural and a YA story called Cruel Sacrifices.

What type of stories do you like to read? I’ve written plenty and completed a few.


I’m up for pretty much anything…although sci-fi and horror aren’t my favourites. You?


ok. I love horror and light sci-fi. I like to read good stories in most genres except romance. I’ll only read romance if it is only a subplot. I just like a lot of happening in the books that I read and write.


I am currently wrighting a story called I Thought That Being Truck-Kun Only Happens in Japan! It is a story about an American Otaku who is sent to another world because he was hit by a truck. He was supposed to be a hero to defeat a Demond lord but the only problem is that his level is fixed to level one and the only known cure is from a rare drop and the only way to get it is to go to school as well as graduate so that he could sign up for an adventurers guild.


Mine is called Finding Darkness. It’s a sci fi, action, romance.


I have a story about a french lesbian stuck in the afterlife. Well, sort of. She keeps dying as someone else and coming back as the same girl and no one knows why, that’s the gist of it. I think it’s the first time I got into the spiritual/humour mix although I don’t consider myself funny, just an idiot :joy:


I’ve been writing on Wattpad for ueras but I’m still struggling to break through, I’d love to swap stories with you! This is what I consider my best story :joy: https://my.w.tt/eb6KQb926R


Oh my goodness it looks amazing!

Here is the only one I’ve actually put up. I have a million story ideas but this is the only one that has made it up yet. (:


I’ll definitely check it out!