Let´s talk about Black butler!



Hi there, who would like to talk about Black Butler?
Got any good questions to discuss?
Is anyone up to speed with the manga?
Which Anime season did you like the most (if you watched it)?


Well aren’t I late?

When is S3 coming out?
Nope. Never read the manga.
Book of Circus was one of my favorites!


Nope, you are the frst :smile:

Isn´t the circus arc the third? Since Season 2 was with Claude and Alois Trancy.
I love Book of Atlantic, as well as Book of Murder and all the Ovas.

As for the Circus arc…I really liked the scenes with Sebastian and William.
I wonder how William died…maybe burn out?
(Only those who commit suicide will be grim reapers)


Whelp, I’m late! Anyway, I’m completely caught up with the manga and it is amazing! I’ve also watched the first season of the anime, completely ignored the second season, and watched the Book of Circus, Book of Murder, and Book of Atlantic. They were the best parts…except for the first episode. It wasn’t canon, but it was awesome.

Something that amazed me is how well the first season of the anime worked as a complete story. Even though they butchered canon, they managed to make a cohesive narrative without throwing the whole story out and starting over! I’m glad Ash and Angela (Ashela?) aren’t canon, though. They both freaked me out. On the other hand, I wish Pluto was canon.

Okay, what’s next? Well, I didn’t like how the anime implied that Ciel didn’t know that all the servants in his house were trained to protect him. Season three remedies that, but season one didn’t really make it work. Why wouldn’t Ciel know that they were soldiers? Who else would hire them?

I think that’s it for now, though. I can’t wait to start a discussion!


XD Sebastian was the one who hired them. When I was watching S1, I thought that Ciel had no idea that Sebastian was hiring trained people.


Omg I’m up to the speed of the manga. And, there’s just so many thoughts going on. Like I fucking hate R!Ciel. I hope that Sebastian would finally snap and beat the hell out of that liar. Also, I started to feel like the Anime is foreshadowing the manga all along (?).

I personally didn’t like the Anime season 1 and 2. They didn’t really follow the manga. Though, I can see they are foreshadowing the manga storyline itself. I like the Book of Circus, Book of Murder and Book of Atlantis though. They animated it straight off the manga, so that’s wonderful.

From what I read from the manga, I think we are at the last arc, which saddens me. Like what I’m I suppose to do after it ends.


I thought that S1 was good, but S2 was downright horrible.


I thought Ciel hired them? But, yeah. Thinking about it, though, it would be hilarious if Ciel actually didn’t know that his servants were soldiers. Like, they would have to protect him and stuff and he would be none the wiser!


We’re in the last arc!? I mean, it does seem like the story is going to end, but really? I hope not! Also…I wholeheartedly agree! I hope that Sebastian slaps some sense into R!Ciel!


something i’d like to discuss, although a bit controversial, is sebaciel shipping. am I the only one who finds it SUUUUUPER creepy and pedo-y?
I read the manga once but never caught up.
favorite was season 1 ofc.


Honestly? The only reason I’m in this fandom is for this absolute EMPRESS and Queen of My Heart


I think the shipping starts only because Kuroshitsuji was originally meant to be Yaoi story (confirmed by Yana). But, I have to agree with you. I find it super creepy too and never understand why people ship them romantically. For me, I only ship them in a mother-son relationship way. Only because Ciel lost his parents since young and he was practically under Sebastian’s protection. (Well, we know Sebastian is sometimes not so caring but ://) Other than that, I don’t see why they are shippable.


Yesss… I basically started out with shoujo anime. I stumbled upon Black Butler because it was more well-known and I thought “Hey, there’s a kid in it. Maybe it’s some victorian era cutesy show.”

Boy, was I wrong about it. Black Butler was the pivoting anime that made me like dark-themed anime.


I find it just as creppy as you do. I dont mind menx men relationship but an adult and a child…for me a big no no.


I got to Black butler through Hellsing. Someone had drawn a crossover with them.


The red haired beauty is here! :smile:
Why does he have sharp teeth?
Isn´t there a dresscode for reapers?





Is it just me or did the Manga got darker and more serious?


I wonder what kind of dentist he goes to? XD