Let´s talk about Black butler!

listen I literally have a collection of Grell gifs and it’s taking a crazy amount of self-control not to post them all and spam this thread

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I have the perfect thing for this…

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor the ceiling black butler

I had no one to share this with before


For the love of god don´t !!!
I have loads of Undertaker pics and gif :rofl:

Yeah, what a feeling~
When were dancing on the ´ciel´ling~ :rofl:

Who´s watching? ~
Tell me who´s watching? ~
Ciel does!!!

Grell owns my heart and I wouldn’t have it any other way :heart:

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Yeah definitely more darker, especially Ciel’s past. Now that he’s like basically a wanted criminal, I could not figure how this is ought to turn out anymore. At least he still has Sebastian and the servants.

Quick question

When you guys talk about anime with your friends, do you pronounce the character’s name as it is or the way it’s pronounced in the anime? For example, Ciel Phantomhive vs Cie-lu Fantomhai-fu ( I totally just made up the spelling XD)

I take Japanese for 5 years so it comes naturally when I pronounce their names. This is only if their names are actually Japanese. If it is an English name, like Sebastian, then I pronounce it as it is. Otherwise it’ll be a little weird XD.

Same goes for me and Undertaker :kiss:

Depends on the person I talk to. To someone that isn´t familiar with black butler, I pronounce it in English.
With a fan, I use the japanese version.

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a crossover of our loves


I think I still remember that…XD

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Hot hot hot hot drooling :stuck_out_tongue:
I love that scene!!!
Thank you!

Me @ Grell and you @ Undertaker


I had a feeling that this would come up eventually :wink:

Facepalm Does no one take the meaning of Kuroshitsuji seriousely?


ehhh…no…not really. Without the funny scenes, it would have been better.
Although the manga is getting darker now.

As to why people ship Sebaciel, I think that their personalities match quite well and to me, there seems to be a dynamic between them where in a weird way, they sort of keep each other in check if that makes sense. Personally, I both ship Sebaciel (only Ciel and Sebastian are a couple of years apart not a couple of decades) and also see their relationship as father-son. Even though neither Sebastian or Ciel will ever admit it, they both do care about each other a lot. They both prank each other and exchange insults and remarks but there are still several instances where they show through their actions that they do care about each other. I have watched the entire anime series and am still reading the manga series (I have seen spoilers of the latest chapters and other chapters).

They do indeed have dynamics and cared a lot for each other. I am not a sebaciel shipper but spoiler there’s a part where Sebastian had a flashback in the manga and it displays how their relationship grew. It also explains how Sebastian feels that Ciel was different from others (which I presume are the others he had made contract with) and that he was willing to protect him and stay by his side for as long as possible. That was kinda cute, even though I don’t ship them, I admit I love them together in the manga. They go down as the most iconic duo.