Let’s talk about diverse characters

I want to hear about the varying types of characters you guys incorporate in your stories and how you portray them. For example, one of my characters is mute and is a bisexual. I have another character who is blind but is a still total badass. There are many others in there that I’m excited to explore, but I’m most looking forward to these two. I tried to go for very nonstereotypical characters with diverse backgrounds and personalities. So what about you guys? What’s some of your diverse characters?

the mc of my story is asian american, and she’s also a person with depression and anxiety. I think she’s going to be queer (maybe bi) as well!


My current wip has two main MCs.

Noah is a tad androgynous & pansexual.(he also suffers from depression, anxiety & ptsd).

Malik is gay & half North African half American.

They’re both super different & a lot alike. I also research as I write along so yeah…exciting & scary:)


yes! I love androgyny :blush:

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My main male character suffers from ptsd, addiction, and battling insanity (all within the constructs of my dark fantasy world). I’m most excited about him. Almost all my characters are unique and diverse in some way. I’m really excited to explore that more in my current WIP.

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Its tricky to write though…

My MC Wendy is Mexican, she later in the story suffers PTSD. Her best friend is Egyptian has PTSD. Her other best friend suffers from social anxiety. And some guy she meets is a total himbo

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I have a goth Afro-Brazilian named Rudy who’s friends with a Navajo/Hopi girl called Grace. They’re pen pals.

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Omg I love that!!

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The two main protagonists of the book I have up here are: A middle-aged, anxiety-prone biracial man with an electro-stimulant kink, and a Hispanic man who loves rowing, as a spectator sport. :+1:

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bear in mind there are from a raunchy, space-comedy of intentionally dumb tone.

gay, black, android, military sparring bot, converted to dancebot, converted to secret agent. closet furry, physically a badass tank with military training, emotionally fragile and volatile since he is just a collection of downloads and questions his true self, and his Captain is a homophobic, sexist jack-hole, making them bicker and consider leaving each other to die on every mission.

Greg (or sometimes Gizzy): Ancient immortal, gigantic alien overlord. He’s a horny, crossdressing lightly transgender retired monster with a nuclear reactor for a heart, an appetite for human flesh, and Thorium Cocaine. His girlfriend Izleena, is a rebooted clone of her own older self/mother/sister, so she’s either thousands of year old or 22. hive-minded, spoiled rich girl, omnisexual, decides to rule the universe with Greg.

Menace. Gender unknown, species unknown, age unknown…maybe 8…12? She is generally catagorized as a “girl” because the captain assumes she’s a girl, and she doesn’t seem to object or understand, and the Captain doesn’t know pronouns. this adorably creepy little hundred pound frog-fish thing had no idea what is going on, and seems to not know any known language, communicating (poorly) with a series of parroted single words or short phrases with zero context and often a huge excited smile, baring her grey, needle-like teeth. most of her dialogue is yelled excitedly or mumbled in passing, with her most coherent sentence in an 8 book series being “I have toes.” with a whisper and a shocked gasp. she usually seems happy to just tag along and copy people’s emotions. she loves taking naps in her stagnant pond, eating basically anything from bugs to sponges, to her favorite snack…marbles. she can be found hiding in cupboards, playing with her pet stick, watching cartoons, or piloting the ship through impossible escapes, because somehow she can fly anything better than anyone, and usually has a dance-clap celebration when she does a good job. Her favorite color is WIGGS!, and she never wears matching shoes…if any.

another possible diversity stretch is Marley, the 4 foot tall spacebunny stoner, who loves video games, weed, junk food, and seems to have zero interest in sex despite being a grown-@$$ man and married, and best dude-bros with the Horny captain who keeps providing him optional hoes.

there are about 8 others on the crew, but most of them fairly straight, humanoid, especially the reverse-alcohol-diabetic Captain who thinks he’s an absolute gift to women, when he’s a really a scrawny, brain-dead loser, firmly planted in denial and constantly terrified that the gay robot wants him…because seriously…who doesn’t? He’s secretly in denial about his fixation for large women, and his ashamed love for the heavy-set female mechanic, Duffy, who may have been in the spacemaffia. The Cap compensates by pretending to only want stereotypical “hot girls” for public image.

there’s also an electric bisexual, a hippie granny with a thing for younger men, and a demonic villainess who is deeply in love with herself who only finds herself attractive and cant understand why the universe doesn’t agree with her, or just bow to her as a goddess, and willingly surrender their free will and planet. you also have a verity of side characters like a race of sentient weed nugs, and reptilian political factions that may actually be candy bars. long story. i like weird characters. weird is fun, weird is funny. Space is weird. Weird $h!+ happens in space…in the epic adventure “Dip$h!+s in Space”. yes, that is the actual title.