Let’s TALK. Anyone Welcome! 🖊 💻 🎮

I’m fine too. :slight_smile:

Hey peeps! I really enjoyed talking to you both @ilianasarigo and @I_Dxnt_Even_Knxw but now I must get lost and study ( well, we all know how much I am actually going to XD). Hope we’ll talk soon. Bbye! <3


That’s very true.
Someday I’ll get out of my stagnation and start supporting people instead of having people support me. If I pass my math test I’ll be able get a job and finally get moving. It’ll be great, I know it will.

Good luck to you too.

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That’ such a beautiful thought. I have a similar aim too. I’m wishing you all the best for that! I know with a determined spirit, you’ll reach there eventually. Keep hope! :slight_smile:

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:smiley: Aww… You too!

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Hi there,

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Thank you for your understanding.
Prisim :prisim:
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Hello, how are you all doing?

I’m doing good :smiley: How about you ?

I’m doing good. What are you up to today?

Just been working on editting my book to get it ready to be published and getting a book cover made. How about you?

I’m writing my fanfics.

Oh which one are you working on?

The Nut Job Nightmares at Freddy’s. What about you?

Oh wow that’s cool. A cross between The Nut Job and FNAF. How do you decide what to cross over and what works well together?
I’m working on The Unwanted, a mystery-thriller, action-adventure, urban fantasy.

Well, I thought that The Nut Job needs more backstory for the characters and FNAF is just a place where you lost your mind…so, I try to combine those two together and hope for the best. It got a lot of reads. If you have any time at all, you can come and check it out.

Sounds awesome. What’s your favourite crossover that you’ve written?

This one, Dreamworks, and The Coraline/The Nut Job crossover.

Nice :smiley: I really like your cover for Dragonborn. Did you make it yourself?

Hey. I see you like what i like. Feel like Fortnite some time!

Username: Racegamerpro123 on epic and xbox

No. Someone else made it for me. It’s a really good cover. It’s one of my favorite covers that is made by someone else.