Let's be friends with random questions : chapter 2



Yes i agree!!! My mother adores thailand and i planning to take me one day


Yup they are disgusting in me opinion, bleh
Nice to meet you :smile:


I agree so hard on this :smiley:


Ooh…lucky you.


Does anyone play an instrument?


Thailand people are friendly n the food is Amazing!!


Ikr? All T-dramas depict food so well that instead of concentrating on the story, my mind starts concentrating on the food…


Ooh I’ve never actually seen T-Dramas but their advertisements are legit the best thing ever televised xD


Ikr! Iove to travel there at some point. But fingers crossed i can go to japan this summer for lile a week but its really expensive
Hi im Hannah and welcome to the thread!


unfortunately no


Any you would like to learn?


Piano or guitar :smiley:




Since I live sort of nearby Thailand I go there quite often. Would definitely recommend it.
Nice to meet you Hannah xD


Lucky! I live in the UK but we’ve been planning to go to Japan for a while and it would be nice after exams to unwind


Any anime or shows youve watched with any unsatisfying ending


London, New Zealand, Finland

I’m confused onto why Black Panther has been nominated for best picture

My flute


Movie soundtracks

Um, Switzerland for a band concert and I loved meeting the people

Seeing. I don’t think I could go blind, although my eyes are deteriorating anyway XD

Idk, maybe try and talk with the locals, see what they would want to name it

My life XD. Um, no not really



Wow Japan would be nice! I’ve never been but sounds like a fun vacation


I get what you mean but at the same time it was an ok movie



Does no one know whar marmite is?!