Let's be friends with random questions : chapter 2



I loved it, I just thought it would be nominated in the Best adaptation since it’s from the comics


It’s food right?, but I’ve never had it



Never heard of Marmite before until now


it looks like jam,right? just black…that or I’m soo wrong lol


I see what you mean. But i guess that would aplly to alot of film then but i wouldn’t say its thw best adaptation. Another unpopular opinon :joy:


Yes but the taste is disgusting in my opinon :disappointed_relieved:


Oh, that looks…very…


Interesting…? :joy:


Sure XD


i’d probably not eat something that’s black XD


Ive gotta go but I’ll be back later. Ttyl👋


Probably paintings


ANGEL BEATS!! I mean like seriously?? If everyone was to be obliterated, even Otonashi should’ve been so.I did not get the whole point of Otonashi becoming a loner in the end.


1.Black.Goes with every colour. Probably even the color of my soul…nvm
2.I can speak 4 languages:English,Hindi,Arabic and a fair amt of Japanese(I am a weeb)
4.I don’t know
5.It has to be ‘pompous’.It sounds funny when u repeatedly say it.



I hate Billie Eilish

Reading books and writing stuff

playing on any musical instrument

basically everything but country (You Know My Music Taste The Best )

last year’s summer vacation, I had a reunion with all of my friends and we did crazy new stuff then

this is a weird question :joy:

Neverland and I’ll put a norm to not grow up in it cause it’s a trap

lots of paranormal stuff occur in my home and my latest chemistry results :joy::joy:

anything related to cooking its answer is no





Hi everyone!


Ahhh! I forgot about you! Sorry! XD