Let's be friends with random questions : chapter 2



1a.) Canada
1b.) America (Alaska)
1c.) Japan.

I… don’t know.


The way I always spend it. Playing games and talking to Amy. XD

Rock and Metal-ish. I don’t really know what it comes under sometimes. XD

I don’t take vacations, so, every year when my family goes away and I stay at home. XD

I’d check to see if it has any indignous people first, since I’d prefer to name it after them first.
If not, the most dominant animal.
If that animal is kinda dull to use as a name, then I’ll name it something fantasy themese! :smiley:

Not really.

Nope. Not in the slightest. XD


Hmmm… Suguru Kamoshida (Persona 5)

Artorius Collbrande (Tales of Berseria)


Super heroes. DC, Marvel, I don’t care. I don’t like 'em. XD


(What if my wish was to grant someone else’s wishes? ;D)
My own.


No. I would not.

I… don’t know. Not at the moment. XD

That depends on how easy hovering is. And how strenuous it is! If it’s as easy and tiresome as walkin’ then, I’d fly.

I feel like everyone is gonna pick cancer, so, I’ll do something else!
Wilis-Ekom diseas! Gah! Damn legs…

7 …because. Seven >:D

Someone after me, I suppose.



Yes. I believe there have been some Japanese songs I’ve liked.

Revive people. It’s already easy enough to kill. >:D




Yes, I’ve unpublished almost everything I have at the moment.

I don’t really look into how popular a character is.



No, not really.

I’m anti-social in real life.

Most animals. Though, I like a few people out there.


Cringe? Other than that. Not really.

Yes. I am.



Yes, I do.

I do! :smiley:

I have, but not many.


Same, but honestly, i don’t care about getting 100 votes. I am happy with what i have, i think it’s just enough.


Yes. I didn’t like Mikleo (Tales of Zestiria), but, I grew to like him. Poor feebo meebo. XD

I watch subbed first, then dubbed. I’m a VA enthusiast.

Cat. But, I like both.


Hiya hru? And happy new year!


No offence to Bryce, but, I don’t think Bryce’s voice fit Kirito very well.

Does burning a city count?

Deaf. Best of a bad situation. XD


Now, more questions to revive this thread:

  1. Is there a character that might not be your favorite, but you still like them?
  2. Did you ever prefer a rival to main character?



Let’s submerge this planet! >:D

Canada. For, my own reasons. XD

Yes. I’ve thought about it before.


Android. I guess… XD


Lin from The King of Fighters might not be my favorite, but he’s one cool character and has a fun as hell gameplay and combos.

Most of times. I like Iori better than Kyo for example. (Iori is the guy with red hair)


1 probably Eng from Avatar the last air bender
2 YES!


Black. Always black.

English. xD

In a relationship.


I don’t have a favourite word.


Yeah. I’d like to get more. But, I suppose it doesn’t really matter .


I’m good, thanks!
Happy New Year to you too!
How’re you?