Let's be friends with random questions : chapter 2



Eh, i guess there are other ways to let you know that your story is good. Sometimes people would comment if they like it, but it all depends, some authors would like more votes, but some don’t care. I mean, i like them but i don’t care about getting a lot of them, i just care for someone to comment if they like my story enough, i think that’s the only thing i need in order to know if my story is good and if they liked it.


Im good ty! :smile: Tired but great


Yu Narukami (P4 Protag). He’s alright.

I can’t really think of too many rivals. XD


I suppose a vote is, a bit like a “like” on Youtube. It lets people know their content is liked without having to comment.


Ah, I’m a little tired today too. XD


True, it’s how i see it.

Vote is basically similar to ‘thumbs up’ on Youtube and Facebook, and ‘love’ button on Twitter. (heart)

But i do appreciate votes though, they do kind of make me happy, even if i might not get a lot of them. I am happy i have some. Reminds me of quote:
“Happiness is not having what you want, it’s appreciating what you have”


Yeah. I suppose you’re right. If anything, for a writer, completed reads should be what we aim for. But, if we aren’t writing for anyone but ourselves, then it doesn’t really matter.


Definitely, i feel like if you enjoy writing your story, others might also enjoy reading it. But if you’re just writing for votes, then that’s an unlikely way to get them. It’s pretty annoying to go around asking random people to vote, i think it’s more honest when someone votes on your story without advertisement.


Yeah. Which is why I’ve stopped writing. Since I’ve stopped enjoying it.
I’ve never advertised. I don’t even use the Share Your Story threads or whatever.


Makes sense, not everyone likes something.

Me neither, i honestly don’t care about advertising my story or making others review it. I don’t really care for SYS.


I’m sorry to hear that, I hope you can pick it up again at some point


Yeah. I might get back into writing if my enjoyment for it comes back.

I don’t mind getting people to review it, not for the reads or anything, but to see how I’m doing as a writer.


Hopefully, I’ll just have to wait and see.


Ah, who knows, sometimes if you try and try again, you might end up liking it. Sometimes, you might not like something at beginning, but will end up liking it when you get used.


gAsP :joy: hru its been a while?


Maybe. I tried once again not too long ago, so, now I have half a chapter waiting for me to come back to it. XD


I can imagine chapter saying this:

Chapter: “Write me…… I am waiting for you… NOW…”

Ok, that sounds kind of creepy.




Guess we can call it Chapter Ghost!


Maybe it is! I can’t imagine Celine is a very patient character! XD