Let's be friends with random questions : chapter 2



Haha, I think I know! ;D


Nice to meet you too! Do you write on wattpad?


Oof, I wonder if it’s one voice or many voices? Or can the voice change its voice?


That would be a disturbing read XD


It would be terrible if it was more and more and more voices. It would be encouraging suicide.


Yeah. You might not feel as clean afterwards somehow. XD


No, I prefer reading and bad at writing. I’m a new comer though. Do you write?


That would be freaky


What happens if the writer gives in and writes?


Then, the voices would probably disappear for good.


It’s a voice linked to a writer. It could be possible!


Then they must keep writing until the book finishes!




No I mainly read now. I started to do poetry butvi but I ran out of ideas so ive left it for a while


And the voices will stop bothering them


Only if they manage to finish it.


Yes, and then they will be peaceful


This is a great idea srsly


It would drive a writer to write their story in one sitting, or be driven insane!
…I think we’ve given a Psychological Horror/Thriller writer a good idea to use! XD


Lmao, sounds like an endless torture