Let's be friends with random questions : chapter 2


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Yup. That’s the point. XD


Welp, I gotta feed the dogs!




What Po said XD



Look at this precious baby!




IKR! I want a dog so bad :sob::sob:


I’m back!


Nice to meet you, back!, that’s a cool name


Thanks! I like my name too! XD


Hannah, indeed it is
I’m sleepy
wbu ?


Im alright thank you, sleepy as well XD


Today I slept in the lunch break & in the free periods
I had to be the girl responsible for assembly activities , the teacher woke me up to do so :joy:
laziness level 101


ME THO :joy::joy:
All through my exam period i slept between exams. I even accidentally slept in an exam XD


conclusion :
School is bad for health :stuck_out_tongue:

  1. Wow, this! XD I have a whole list… but first, gotta put: England! Japan, Korea? Italy, Portugal, Galapagos? Lebanon, Belgium? Nepal, Peru? Oops, that’s way more than three!

  2. Everyone nitpicks at things too much? They pull out what they want to hear and argue only about that.

  3. Contemporary dance. … That’s not a skill. Hm, public speaking? No, wait, listening!

  4. Doing whatever and wherever my moods take me.

  5. Almost a little bit of everything. But currently, indie, maybe?

  6. Damn, that’s hard! Probably my first trip to China. I adored it.

  7. Sight. I almost said hearing. Almost.

  8. Uhhh, stick a bunch of words together and choose the prettiest one?

  9. … No? Maybe? I don’t remember anything right now.

  10. HELL NO.


heyaa! just saying, england? the weather here is terrible, but if you can handle uk’s random mood swings, you will have a great time here.


Heyoo! I think I will! I don’t mind bad weather as long as I’m not doing any outdoor stuff. Wait, no. That’s a lie. I do mind, but, hey! Rain an’ clouds ain’t all that bad. XD