Let's be friends with random questions : chapter 2



Omg yes! It was like - 7 this weekend


Yes! Someone who knows!



  1. idk, korea probably, or china, seems like fancy places. ooo and egypt (i have this obssesion w/ going there)
  2. i. like. airpods.
    3.being able to write with both hands
  3. spending it with friends (im an only child so it gets quite lonely :frowning_face:)
  4. i listen to rap, pop, and random things
  5. when i went to the usa, cuz it was fun and i travelled a lot there.
  6. sight
  7. umm, yh. when i was younger , if i had my fingers crossed for something, it would always happen the way i want it too. i told my friends about it, so they started asking me to have my fingers crossed for them aswell and it always worked. it doesnt work now dho, which is quite sad cuz i need it the most now lol
  8. eww no.

  1. London, France and Chicago
  2. rain smells good period.
  3. I want to learn Violin
  4. probably with lots of coffee and a plain canvas to paint
  5. Love pop, rap and desi
  6. Singapore cause it was AMAZING
  7. Probs my last name? would sound cool tbh
  8. i think this still happens to me, so I have this theory that I cry as much as I laugh. So if one day I have had a great day with friends and have laughed a lot then i know in a couple of days I am bound to cry at some tragedy. I can;'t really explain it but I have always been true about this


I’m here!


Yess! Another one who knows!

You know what, that sounds like it could be an amazing book thoug

Im Hannah and welcome to the thread!


Hi everyone sorry that I’ve not been so active. I had an exam yesterday
Ok lets have another question
Favourite clothing brand?


Another potential story!!!

Hiya hru its been ages?


This is honestly so tragic. Just 1 day




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Yara! I recogise the other pfp but i cant match it to a username


R e v i v e . i t


Im trying :sob::sob::sob:


I wasnt on all yesterday and the day b4 cause i had my final practical


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5sos fangirling dominated me out of a sudden :joy:
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I’m here helping you


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Oh no ik XD i was talki ngl about the second person typing i dont blame ut 5sos is the best! Im good ty . U?