Let's be friends with random questions : chapter 2



Thank you i hope so too! Everything went to plan so fingers crossed

  1. 3 Places you want to travel to

Arizona, Japan, and Florida


YEAH! Japan looks amazing ! Plus i want to go to florida purely because of Disney world lol


convince parents plzz :joy:

I took it to a new level which’s searching for fake piercings and leather jackets to wear to match Luke’s style :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:
I have never reached that limit even when I was a directioner


I want to go to fluorida for universal studios, I went there once when I was younger.


I want to go to see both Disney world and the studios


I’ve only been to disney land paris, but I’d love to go to universal too! Hiya Im hannah and welcome!


Cool I want to go to Japan to check out some anime/figurines




Hi I`m Jared


Nice to meet you ^^


Nice to meet you too :grin:


What anime do u like?


so, I keep singing in the other threads till a limit that I feel I’ll be blocked soon :blush:


Why Yara ?:joy:


boredom mainly


Ahh yes XD the famous Yara boredom


this is just a few kitsune no koe, Attack on titan, Tokyo ghoul


yup :sunglasses::v:
glad to know that I’m popular :joy::joy:


I havent heard of the first one or watched the second but the last one I recently started and its great!