Let's be friends with random questions : chapter 2



Is it like Vegemite? …which I also haven’t tried, lol.


yeahhhh its like vegemite lol and i despise both of em


Yeah, I’m just going to assume I don’t like either then. A yeast spread doesn’t sound yummy to me. I’m not even sure if I can eat it. I am a Celiac, does it have gluten in it?


tbh i dont know


yassss desiiii <3


Hey people!


@lacunaLuna we suppose to revive it !!


heelo yall

  1. What’s your favorite way to spend a weekend? Staying at home watching Tv

  2. What was the best vacation you ever took and why? I went to Universal studios when I was younger. it was really fun I remember going on a jimmy nuetron Ride inside some sort of spongebob themed place

I`d want my hearing

  1. Has anything ever happened to you that you could not, and cannot, explain?

One time late at night, I heard a noise in my room. Where my window was, I looked over at my window, and saw that a couple of my blinds turmed inside-out…I brushed it off and went back to what I was doing. I heard it again, looked and saw more were turned inside-out. it stopped after awhile.

  1. Do you like marmite or not? I havent had marmite before


This is so dead @lacunaLuna @TheMCOfficial @Poamzi48585 you were the threads presidents in addition to me so help in reviving it




I’d help, but I’m about to go to sleep. XD




don’t we all???


I thought people enjoyed bumping into each other on the streets :slight_smile:


only in the, “I bumped into someone that I thought it was a wall” cliches my pal :woman_facepalming:t3::joy:


Aah, this thread was so fun, but there comes some random questions in hopes of reviving this:

  1. Is there some character that died but you wish they were killed earlier?

  2. Did you ever love a character really really much that not even you knew how much you loved them? (lmao, sorry for silly question)

  3. Favorite anime/manga series? If you don’t watch/read anime/manga, you can skip this question

  4. Favorite video game series? If you don’t play or don’t have favorite, you can skip this too

  5. Do you like a character you consider badass?


Oh my God, i loathed Makuramon from Digimon Tamers. I wish he was murdered earlier, i would be so much happier.

Haha, probably Shen Woo from The King of Fighters, i really like him as my favorite character

Hmm, i am a sucker for anime/manga, but i’ll say Digimon series. I love the characters, the Digimon and everything else.

Hmm, i really like The King of Fighters series, one of my favorite fighting game series.

I think Sol Badguy from Guilty Gear series is one cool and really badass guy


@Chewton Hope you’ll enjoy being on this thread again xD

  1. Ned Stark. Completely unnecessary.
  2. Umm… I’m not sure how to answer this :smiley:
  3. OMG there’s so many! But in myanimelist, I have only 3 scored full 10: Plastic Memories, Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso and Orange.
    Honorable mentions (which have made an impression after watching over 100 shows): Chobits, Clannad: After Story, Sword art online, NANA, Paradise Kiss, Inu x Boku SS, Kuzu no honkai, Fuuka, Sekaiichi Hatsukoi, Skip Beat and Love Stage!!