Let's build ourselves a Short Story community!

Let’s build ourselves a Short Story community!

To find out what’s currently happening, look here!

I’ve written short stories on Wattpad for quite a few years now, and one thing that I’ve always found sad is how dead the short story forums and general community are compared to other genres, especially when some of the nicest people I’ve met on here are short story writers.

I think it would be a nice idea to use these new forums as an excuse to start making something new and connecting with each other more.

I’ve come up with some ideas below that might help us, so we can avoid having an active chat for a week and then it dies and we’re back to square one. Feel free to suggest some of your own! I don’t want this to feel like something that I’m creating and you’re all joining, I’d like it to be a group activity, a community! However, I don’t mind kind of “moderating” or being the admin for this thread that watches and keeps things moving by posting the new topics and whatever.

I really do mean “community”. You don’t need to “join” or to stay longer than you want. This is just something that, hopefully, will enhance our Wattpad experiences.


Suggestion 1- Weekly discussion topic

Short stories are more different to novels than people realise. Short writing is a style all on its own with its own challenges and intricacies, so let’s discuss those, and anything else related to short story writing! I’m sure we can all learn a lot from each other, especially with how separated we are relative to other genres.

I’ve got a small list of topic ideas, but if you’d like to discuss something specific, suggest away!

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  • Nay
  • I’d love to read it but probably won’t take part in the actual discussion

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Suggestion 2 -Book club meets writing group

How it would work

Instead of competitions, maybe something a little less formal? By which I mean something along the lines of agreeing on a prompt (probably using a poll) then using it to write a short, and then we all read each other’s shorts and leave support/feedback. Maybe with a timeline of 2 months to write and 1 month to read since everyone will have different commitments? It would be good to brainstorm together along the way, too, and discuss the different paths we take.

This would not be a book club. You would not be forced to read everyone’s work and the “1 month” would really just be a break between prompts rather than a hard deadline.

It’d be perfectly ok to:

  • only write when you have time
  • only write when you like the prompt
  • only read when you have time
  • only read certain shorts, either because you don’t like the prompt, or because you don’t like the sound of that particular writer’s story.
  • read without having written for the prompt
  • only read/write certain months and/or catch up a few months later

The idea of this is more to create connections than to get lots of feedback. A community is more than just gaining book stats and feedback . Personally, I think part of the reason for a lack of a short story community is a lack of awareness of each other. The people I know from the SYS thread and the people I know from other things (critiquing and competitions) don’t really overlap, so I think if we can begin to bridge this, it’d be a good start.


  • Readers, if you’re going to leave feedback, be constructive
  • Writers, if the feedback is constructive, take it and move on, even if you don’t agree with it
  • Don’t spam people or nag them to read your works, whether it’s for the prompts. We’ll work out a fair system to advertise all the prompt stories equally if we decide to do this. This is not a book club, and while you’re not obligated to read things you don’t want to or don’t have time for, neither do other people.

I think this will very much be an area where what you put in is what you get out. I’m not saying that no one will read your works if you don’t read theirs, because hopefully that won’t be the case (I know that I’d try and read everything I could) but you can’t expect to come in one week, show off a story and then drop out of the community and expect people to read. Also, if you gain a reputation for being mean or something else along those lines, then you also can’t expect people to keep coming back to your work. Like anywhere on Wattpad, building meaningful connections will definitely help, and that is the main aim here.

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  • nay
  • I’d rather just have competitions tbh
  • Other suggestion in a similar vein (please comment)

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Suggestion 3 - Weekly/monthly check-ins

Some people need deadlines and people to check in with to motivate them to write, others don’t. Either way, I think checking in with each other and discussing what we’re writing and how things are going is a great way to make friends, find help, and also can just be a nice and useful thing to do. It’s part of what Wattpad is for!

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  • I wouldn’t use it, but I don’t mind it being here

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Suggestion 4 - a formal profile or book

To be honest, I think this is mostly unnecessary since a lot of this would be easier to do in the threads, but the main reason I suggest this is because I’d like for us to be able to share links and summaries to the short stories we write for the writing club which will get us in trouble with the mods here.
A book might be best for this since it’s all I can think we’d use it for. It also gives us the option to post a part for each writer with a summary and link to their short.
Again, I’m happy to moderate/admin this if it’s easiest.

  • Yea - a book
  • Yea - a profile
  • Nay - to both
  • Other (please comment)

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Tag List

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So are you in, or out?

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  • I’ll probably just lurk.

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What’s On Right Now?

Weekly discussion topic can be found here

Feel free to add suggestions for future discussion topics here

This week’s check-in begins here

Current writing prompt is here

Current reading list of the works from all of the prompts can be found on @minusfraction’s profile under “Short Story Community”. (Can’t share links on the forums)


This is a great idea! Finally a community, a bit informal but fun nonetheless. I’m looking forward to when it’s actually beginning!


I’d love to be involved! I normally just lurk, but I’d really like to communicate with some more authors and work on improving my writing style particularly for shorts. I don’t have a huge amount of time to commit to challenges, but I’ll still do my best to be involved :slight_smile:

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Thank you! I’m so glad you think so. Hopefully it can become a great thing for us!

Perfect! It’d be great to have you for as much or as little as you can/want to manage.

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Sounds interesting. All I ever seem to write are short stories.

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Glad you think so! And there’s nothing wrong with that :wink:

This sounds like fun. I find it easier to write short stories and it’s more fun.

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Thank you for sending me this, this sounds like so much fun!!! Being able to connect with other readers can be very difficult, but things like this make it so easy and enjoyable. I can’t wait to start!


When do we start?

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I was thinking of waiting until Monday just to give people a chance to find this and vote in the polls.


Would you mind adding me? Even though I’m already here XD

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