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That’s good!

I’m usually on the other end of the spectrum haha. I only start getting the Halloween vibes too close to the end of the month and then I don’t have time :sweat_smile: At least Halloween could give you a good chance to advertise it again?


That’s great!

I don’t think a Halloween short necessarily has to be either of those genres - I don’t write those either but I still have ideas for witchy stories that I would call Halloween-y.

Good luck with both!


Yeah, 100%. It’s a shame it interferes with your hobbies but what can you do?


Find another job?

I wish! But there aren’t that many jobs around that pay as well as this one does.


Could be yeah. Hadn’t really thought of it in those terms.


Discussion Topic No. 9

Where do you publish your short stories? Only Wattpad? Other social media? Do you try to get into magazines etc.?

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Can I join this check in? I’ve had an okay week, writing wise, since having given up on bashing my head against a brick wall to try and get past a writing block I’ve had with my longer work and switching to writing a short story (kind of Halloween themed, in that it’s set in October and is me attempting to be scary). I’ve managed to write every day for the past seven days, which I haven’t been able to do in ages! I’m really hoping I can keep it going once I’m finished with this short.

I always find that I feel dissatisfied after I post a story or part. When I first finish writing something, I’m caught up in the elation of getting it done and the whole I-am-a-writer-who-is-writing-and-has-written-something-look-at-me thing, and then once it’s out there to be looked at, the doubts start to set in and I start to feel like its the worst thing I’ve ever written. And then I have to fight the urge not to immediately take it down. :joy: Every time.

If you can’t work out what’s wrong (and it’s probably just your inner critic never being satisfied!), it’s definitely good just to put it out there and get some distance between you and it. :slight_smile:

Do it! Scary stories are fun! And I think they work really well in short form.


Only on Wattpad at the moment. I’ve got a number of science-fiction and fantasy magazines that accept submissions saved to a favourites folder, but I’ve never had the courage (or the right story) to submit to any of them.


I don’t know if I am ever gonna get my short stories published tbh. Most of them are just me writing romantic fluff or writing about the backstories of my characters. Not exactly anything profound lol


Social media? I don’t particularly have any, so WattPad is (for now) where most of my stories go. I have had a few published in a co-operative anthology as part of the OMP.

I used to get my stories published in gaming magazines in the’00s, but those magazines are long gone.


Of course!

That sounds great! How have you been motivating yourself to do it, or has it just happened naturally? I’m trying to claw my way into a proper routine again too, now that all my big deadlines are over.

I always get it with novels, but not usually with shorts. I think I spent too long forcing myself to finish it and felt under a lot of pressure to make it good.

I agree with this, though. It’s something Wattpad is good for.

It would more likely be spooky/quirky witches than a horror piece, but I still think I’m going to try to fit it in.


Exactly my situation too.


You never know!


That’s a shame. Do you still have copies of the ones you’re featured in?


I suppose so. Heck, what with real life being so awful no matter where you go, there might be a market for fluff to escape from it. I know I like fluff for that very reason.


Yeah, exactly. Times change and stories change with them. I read a really interesting article to that effect recently.


They’re somewhere in the gaming collection … . No idea where, though. I recently had to replace some of them, which took a while.


This is true. Perhaps we are at a time where people need fluff lol


They’ll be a nice find one day when you’re forced to do a clear-out.


I think so. At least, my friends and I all think that. But we’re also stressed fourth years all too close to graduating, so maybe we don’t count too much