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Hahaha, you count for sure! I am just thinking about how I discovered I needed more fluff in my life. It was after reading Game of Thrones. I read all the books that’re out so far and they were just so dark I was like ‘I need more precious fluff in my life’.


A lot of my taste in books is usually depressing/though provoking/morally grey, and that’s fine, but I didn’t realise how much it was putting me off reading until I read a Terry Pratchett for the first time in years and just felt so…relaxed and just enjoyed it! There’s still a place in my life for harder books, but I need more of the softer stuff too.


I haven’t actually read Terry Pratchett despite being hugely into fantasy. I should fix that at some point.


I’d recommend it. I love so many I can’t even pick one to recommend. (Though I would suggest you don’t start with the first couple that came out - they’re still good but I think the later ones are better)


My problem is that I have a reading list that’s about 100 books long already XD


I think it’s mainly the rush that comes with writing a new story. I find if I can keep up writing daily for a month, it’ll become a routine, and I did manage that for a little while last year before I had a couple of weeks off and could never get it back again - so I feel feel the pain of trying to get back into a routine again!

Sounds fun! :smiley:

Is there a particular magazine you wish you could be published in one day?


Pretty much the story of my book and gaming collections! But it’s always nice to have surprises.


Once you have space in your reading list, I’d say ‘The Monsterous Regiment’ is a great Terry Pratchett
book to start with if you fancy reading some of his stuff. It has a few recurring characters, but the main ones are unique to the book and it reads as a stand-alone (and it’s very funny and my favourite).


Alright cool, thanks for the recommendation!


Slow, but steady. Half-way done with the third chapter for my original. I keep telling myself that I need to focus on school and then I find myself writing, so it’s an endless cyle

No, but it does sound like a fun idea

coughs school coughs


Now that exams are over, I’m finally getting the chance to get back into my writing again, which is great!

I haven’t written any Halloween themed stories, but where I’m from we don’t really celebrate Halloween, so it’s not been something that’s on my mind.

I’ve sort of changed my focus in the last week or so- I’m going through some of my older notebooks and organising/editing a lot of my stories that are all set in the one universe. It’s a fun project, I’m getting a lot of new insight into my characters as I go over their past with a new perspective. At the time of writing, I didn’t think a lot of things through, so there are a fair few things I have to change and improve upon, but I’m enjoying it so that’s good!


exams! I can relate! Likewise I’m happy to be done with them so I can enjoy spookyszn


I know that feel!


I’m hoping for this, too. I think half my problem is that since I finished my last novel I’ve left it too long before starting something new.

Not off the top of my head, I just think it would be a great thing to do. I have a list of ones that accept my kinds of work…somwhere


Good to hear!

It’s important to take breaks from school work, too.

That’s fair.


That’s fair. It’s not a huge thing here either (at least, not for the whole month like it is in some places) but the misty mornings and pretty lights here always get me inspired.

It sounds it! That’s the kind of thing I enjoy doing.

Half the battle, really.


Weekly Check-In No. 9

How’s your writing been this week?

What are you working on right now?

What’s your main obstacle stopping you finishing it?

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Slowly. Let’s just say that I’m between things at the minute as my brain tries to deal with the concept of ‘odious fogwoppits’. I curse the friend of mine who mentioned them to me.

What’s stopping me? Work. I am now having to incorporate comments from other people into a document. Let me tell you this much - writing by committee is no way to go. It is horrible. It is soul destroying. It makes me want to grab one of my collection of swords and explain things to them through the medium of Royal Naval cutlass drill.


I have been working on my character journal entries lately. I do have a good idea for a short story though that I am going to be doing soon.


I’m pleased with progress this week.
Revisited two shamefully neglected websites and began the work of updating them, and since then, talking about this work on my own FB pages and several other FB writing groups. Nice responses.
Today wrote my Wattpad weekend write-in prompt submission and will post after a sleep and review.
Wrist still troublesome, but happily, writing distracts for sometime,