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I’ll look forward to it.


Wait no more, honey-chile! It’s not on THE LIST yet, but it IS on my Wattsit page.



Do I want to ask what they are? :joy:

It sounds it.

That might be more effective… but it might also end with you in trouble unfortunately.


How are they going?


As always, sounds productive! It’s amazing how much time things like websites/social media take to set up. I’ve been turning my tumblr into a page for writing recently and honestly, I’m still not convinced I’m done.


I’ve actually done some writing, so pretty good for once! :partying_face:

The thing I’ve started is my next novel idea. I was so demotivated and put off writing I decided I needed a big project to get my excited again, so although I’ve still not posted my completed sci-fi, I’ve begun work on my fantasy.

Motivation. I’m feeling far more positive than I did last week, but I still need to get myself back into a good routine. I still feel a bit down in the dumps about writing, so in November I’m planning to do a fun little challenge to write a little bit about a prompt each day. It’s focused on settings and worlds, so it should definitely be something fun to encourage me back into writing.


Weekly Discussion Topic No. 10

Hey, the random number generator picked a very timely question this week!

Do you write consistently, or in bursts? Are there certain times of the year you write more or less? For example, do you look forward to NaNo in November because you know you’ll have time to write?

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I try and write at least four times a week, but I don’t know if there’s a time of year I do it less. If I had to guess though, I would say I write less during winter due to crippling seasonal depression, but I don’t actually know for sure.


They’re going just fine for the most part, though my one character isn’t taking to me right now for some reason lol


It was a chance remark that a friend of mine overheard. We tried to work out what an odious fogwoppit was, and came up with something akin to the creatures that live in the Doldrums on the other side of the Phantom Tollbooth. Only more dangerous. So, I’m trying to incorporate them into an adventure I’m writing for a convention. I’m trying to work out whether to go for Golden Sky Stories, Ryuutama, D&D or WFRP as the core rules for the game. It changes the emphasis of the adventure from playful to positively sinister, depending.

It gets better. Apparently they don’t want what was agreed in the document. They want it rewritten. Totally. So, I spent the day spinning around on my chair and writing a short story for my irl writing group’s magazine.

Well, my crossbow needs a new string …


Bursts. When I get inspiration. I tried to write to a schedule, but it didn’t work.

And no, I do not do NaNo. My late wife used to, and I used to do all the housework during November, as opposed to just the cooking and cleaning. So, I never got into the habit of doing NaNo, and I would not have time to do it.


I write consistently, but I do short stories in bursts, when I want to try out an idea. I try to stick to 2K or 4K for them.

I’ve never done this November thing, because I am closer to 0.5-1K a day, than 2K, but I am steady.

Oh, hi there!


What’s this NaNo in November thing? I’m pretty new to this site.


National Novel Writing Month. In November, people subscribe to the idea of writing 50K words novella, checking in and stuff. So, 1.7 K words a day on average.


Thanks! Guess I should try to think of a story.


I write consistently when I have a project. Outside of that often times my book writing is in bursts until I have another major project to work on. I am looking forward to NaNo. I know this is a short story discussion but I’m going to be working on book two of my trilogy for NaNo. 80,000 words is a lot, but I’m confident I can make it.

I do write everyday but I don’t always work on my stories everyday.


Now that sounds like fun!



Fair enough. I only find schedules useful some of the time.

I’m not sure how anyone who’s not a full-time writer does find the time. It’s an average of 1.6k words a day or something, right? I only manage that on days off, and not 30 days in a row…


This is a good way of summing it up for me, too.

Being steady and happy are the most important things!



You’re going to try to do all 80k in one month? :scream: